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Comment Re:USPS / USPO isn't bad... (Score 2, Insightful) 269

NOES!!! We like our USPS very much, thank you... er, some of us do. The ones who send mail. In my experience, things do /not/ get "lost in the mail"-- that's just a slacker's excuse for not having sent something. In this case, stuff's getting /stolen/ in the mail-- different issue, and I'm sure the USPS has federal agents on the case. Given the size of the US, and that a first class stamp will send your letter across town or from Miami to Honolulu, I consider the USPS (1) a bargain and (2) a poster-child for the idea that government /can/ do things very, very well. Them, and the, um, Flowers By Irene.

Comment TFA, please?! (Score 1) 1127

I'd like to know what the original /. post refers to, but perhaps it was posted from Windows 7, which did not approve the "unauthorized" posting of a critical URL.

Anyway, with Linuxes getting better and easier to run every day, more data and apps in the cloud and Apple leading the usability charge, let's hope Windows continues its agonizing death spiral.

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