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Comment Re:Nike shoes (Score 2, Informative) 631

If you have a problem with this, buy new balance:

In addition, you can even select shoes by either made in america or assembled in america (less than 60% american content).

Comment Operations research and system management (Score 1) 296

Hi As second degrees, I would suggest going into operations research and systems management. Learn industrial design and theories of manufacturing and manufacturability if you can. Most programs heavily gloss over those two subjects. The entire automobile industry is based on large scale manufacturing and eking out as much cost out of their parts. If your insight can reduce the cost and reduce waste while improve performance, then that will give you a leg up on the competition. Auto manufacturing hinges on suppliers and sub suppliers and knowing how to get as much productivity out of limited resources.

Comment project camden (Score 1) 201

After reading the email-- project camden stood out.

I did a quick google search and came up with this
"The NexGenCI project seeks to significantly upgrade existing x-ray backscatter, whole-body-imaging, bulk detection portals already in use by the TSA"

/tinfoil hat...

Comment tmobile (Score 1) 286

I have tmobile, with an andorid. I pay 25 USD for unlimited data and thethering. The first 2 gigs per month are unrestricted and after that they throttle me. I quite happy with this arrangement. (never exceeded 2 gigs for tethering). Its fast too.

Comment Re:This article doesn't make a great argument. (Score 1) 329

Having great engineers that just recently graduated from college doesn't really mean squat with manufacturing. You need to have engineers with experience more than anything. A guy working for Ford of GM for 20+ years probably can help bring the tesla car to market much quicker and easily than someone fresh out of university Especially with manufacturing, a lot of the basics on machine tool handling and fixture design isn't taught anymore in Mechanical Engineering classes--- a much greater emphasis is put on theoretical stuff. The best universities that actually deal with the stuff you need to run CNCs and other machines is actually taught in the midwest -- Univ Michigan, Perdue, Iowa, etc.

Comment Scientific responsibility and funding (Score 1) 511

Most research in the USA is funded by public money, various DOE, DARPA, NIH, etc grants. In addition, any useful outcome of the research, as in patents or other intellectual property is essentially given to the researcher. As a result, it seems like not only a responsibility, but good policy for the researcher to be able to explain what he is doing to the layman.

It is much easier to get funding dollars for something that the average person and politicians can understand vs. what they can't.

Comment Re:Because Cisco would never do such a thing (Score 2, Informative) 392

The US isn't forcing the foreign competition to do anything. All its saying is if they want to continue to sell to Iran, the cannot sell to the US Gov't. That is all. They can, however, continue to even do business in the USA. Iran and North Korea are still the two biggest threats-- one is controlled by a crazed manic depressive dictator, and the other by a group of theocrats hell bent on creating a nuclear weapon.

Additionally, I am not saying that it was right for the US to go into Iraq in the first place. But to continue to destabilize the region, is probably not in the best interest Iraq.

I would have to disagree with you regarding Israel. Israel is only acting in self determination after numerous incursions by Hamas, a group funded by Iran.

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