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Comment Re:Attacking the short poll in the tent (Score 1) 664

to add to this, I can't seem to find a way to deauthorize a computer remotely. What if I'd given my PowerBook to someone prior to doing this? I just hit one of my DRM limits through ignorance with no wrong doing.

In iTunes:

  • Select Store -> View My Account
  • The resulting panel will state the number of systems currently authorized to play music purchased with your account, and you have the option of deauthorizing all of them from there.

I thought at one time you could deauthorize specific system from there -- so right now it is possible, albeit a bit of a PITA to deauthorize everything, and then reauthorize the systems you want available. However, as from the server-side it may require generating a new key for your account (as opposed to just deleting the key from the client if you deauthorize from the Store menu), this may not be technically possible under the current encryption key management system.


United States

Submission + - Top ten literate US cities

sm62704 (mcgrew) writes: "I saw at the St Louis Post Dispatch that my home town is number six in the nation as far as literacy goes. A Google search finds the list in USA Today. The ten most literate US Cities are:
  1. Minneapolis
  2. Seattle
  3. St. Paul
  4. Denver
  5. Washington
  6. St. Louis
  7. San Francisco
  8. Atlanta
  9. Pittsburgh
  10. Boston

Submission + - Nortel and Vonage settle patent disagreement. (

Yaztromo writes: " is reporting that Nortel and Vonage have decided to settle their patent dispute amicably. According to the story, Digital Packet Licensing originally filed the suit, but after Vonage picked up some of their patents, they continued the suit against Nortel. Nortel (predictably) countersued. This agreement provides a cross-licensing solution for all the patents involved, with no money changing hands. Too bad Vonage hasn't been able to reach such agreements in other patent cases, but at least this is one less pending patent suit against them."
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Man tries to patent "godly powers"

ErikInterlude writes: "I was originally going to select the "Patents" category as the topic, but it's a little too out there. Apparently a gentleman by the name of Christopher Anthony has filed a patent application declaring that he has "godly powers" and that he wants "wants exclusive right to the ethical use and financial gain in the use of godly powers on planet Earth". You can read the patent application here."

Submission + - Apple Itunes has gone DRM-free

scordis writes: Just this morning on running Apple's "Software Update" alongside the expected security update, I recieved a 7.2 update for itunes. Which includes the much talked about support for the so called enhanced DRM free music from EMI. So it is here! How long before we start to see other labels moving to this new "enhanced" format?

Submission + - LLVM 2.0 Released

MonkeyPox37 writes: "LLVM , an open source compiler that's an alternative to GCC, has released a major new version. From the release announcement:

LLVM 2.0 is done! Download it here: or view the release notes: l

LLVM 2.0 is a great release in many ways. It includes a wide range of new features, new optimizations, better codegen, and new targets. We were also able to signficantly revise several core aspects of the LLVM IR and design (such as the type system and bytecode format) based on lessons learned in the LLVM 1.x series."

Submission + - President Bush Gives Himself Dictatorial Powers

Number_1_Bigg$ writes: In a May 9 National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive, President Bush declared that in time of "Catastrophic Emergency", he can take control of the entire government and any business necessary to preserve "Enduring Constitutional Government". Analysis can be found on a few blogs, including right wing analysis.
Linux Business

Submission + - Is Ubuntu the Linux for Law Firms?

hax0r_this writes: is running a story questioning whether Ubuntu is the remedy to the Vista woes that law firms (like everyone else) are suffering. "To Vista or not to Vista; is that really the question? With Microsoft's long-awaited operating-system upgrade, well ... upon us ... it might be time to consider alternatives. Apple's fine Unix-based OS X is certainly an option, but if you're balking at investing in the new hardware you'll need to support Microsoft's new graphically seductive, resource-gobbling OS, do you really want to replace all your Windows machines with Macs?" The article touches on Ubuntu's plug and play abilities, criticizes its default color scheme and seems to conclude that "The feature of Ubuntu that is most likely to move this distro into the enterprise competitively is Canonicals' licensing model. The company does not impose a restriction on deploying a Linux enterprise subscription on every server. Instead, Ubuntu is free software licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL)."
United States

Submission + - Taped Confession of Russian Secret-Service Agents

reporter writes: "According to a report by the Associated Press, several agents of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) gathered in 1998 and videotaped a message for release in the event that one of them should die "accidentally". One agent in the videotape is Alexander Litvinenko, who was fatally poisoned by polonium-210. In the tape, the agents describe how the FSB has degenerated into a thug organization, planting evidence on suspects and plotting to kill them. Litvinenko expresses fear that the FSB may kill his wife and child. These Russian agents gave the videotape to Sergei Dorenko for safe keeping. He has now released it to the "Wall Street Journal". Life in Russia is starting to resemble the plot in the latest James-Bond movie ."

Submission + - Sex Offender Banned By MySpace Asks, Why Me?

An anonymous reader writes: A registered sex offender tells WIRED what it's like to be one of the 7,000 offenders kicked off MySpace as part of its new database-driven purge. "Carl H." claims his nonviolent sex crime was committed nine years ago, and didn't involve children. "I use (MySpace) for the most part to find good music bands to listen to, as well as more buddies to game with... Are we so choked by fear as a country that we've forgotten or denied the ability of persons to change?" MySpace has an appeal process, but only in cases of misidentification.

Submission + - What do you think about ReadyBoost?

bain writes: "Vista's ReadyBoost feature was one of those highly touted and anticipated features of Microsoft's latest operating system. Whilst traditionaly we'd all feed our pc more RAM, this feature was suposed to make use of ReadyBoost certified USB drives to give your system a shot in the arm. According to PC World that might not make much difference after all. So does anyone here feel like it's a must have feature of Vista? Or should Linux developers be glad they're not bothering with it?"
PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - PS3 losing ground in Japan

Krommenaas writes: "Last week's sales figures from Japan show the PS3 dramatically losing the console battle in Japan, the home market of both Sony and Nintendo. The PS3 loses out 6:1 to the Wii in hardware sales and a whopping 30:1 in software sales (325,619 for the Wii vs. 10,412 for the PS3). Not a single PS3 title is in the top 50 of best sold games, while Nintendo occupies the top 19 spots with DS and Wii titles."

Submission + - ATI committed to fixing its problems with OSS

Sits writes: "While talking about the Red Hat summit Chris Blizzard mentions how an ATI marketing spokesman was on stage. The spokesman said ATI knows it has a problem with open source and is committed to fixing it. Does this mean ATI will finally resolve alleged agpgart misappropriation, fast track the release of open source 2D drivers on its latest cards while releasing specifications for its mid-range cards or is ATI only concerned with fixes to its binary driver to maintain feature parity with competitors?"

Submission + - Sony Gets Bad Press from Grusome Publicity Stunt

walnutmon writes: Sony is suffering a backlash from a recent publicity stunt that seems to have been in bad taste.

In a time of increasing public sensitivity to video game violence, Sony has gone to the extreme by publishing pictures from a party featuring topless cocktail waitresses and, get this: a freshly decapitated goat.

From the article:

The corpse of the decapitated animal was the centerpiece of a party to celebrate the launch of the God Of War II game for the company's PlayStation 2 console.

Guests at the event were even invited to reach inside the goat's still-warm carcass to eat offal from its stomach.

Sickening images of the party have appeared in the company's official PlayStation magazine — but after being contacted by The Mail on Sunday, Sony issued an apology for the gruesome stunt and promised to recall the entire print run.

Sony has been no stranger to bad press in recent years, between a rootkit scandal and countless corporate mishaps, this latest debacle just begs the question: When are they going to learn that there is such thing as bad press?

Submission + - Woman Denied Teaching Degree Over MySpace Photo

An anonymous reader writes: A woman was denied a teaching degree by Pennsylvania based Millersville University at the last minute, due to a "Drunken Pirate" photo of her on her own MySpace page. According to the story, even though Ms. Snyder received "competent" or "superior" ratings in her final student-teacher evaluation, she was ultimately denied the teaching degree. Conestoga Valley High School threatened to no longer accept student-teachers from Millersville University if Ms. Snyder went unpunished for her "Drunken Pirate" photo.

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