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Comment Re:How about both? (Score 1) 412

I agree with your comments regarding getting otherwise unpublished stuff published. Yet does it fit the Wiki model? Of an editor, or several other contributes coming along and changing a bunch of stuff? I think this is more down the Everything2, or general group-accredited blogging route, though none of them have had the success of Wikipedia.

Comment Re:Doesn't really matter what *WE* think, does it? (Score 2, Insightful) 412

Wikipedia, in this most testing of Economic times, belt-tightening, and a period when many are worrying about their financial and career future, has reached it's target. So why the talk of ads? It has it's funding and doesn't need further. IMHO it's a great thing that they've raised their target and will be able to provide services for the coming year, and lay foundations further into the future.

Wikipedia, and Wikimedia, are non-profits with a well defined remit. They've achieved target funding, far better than many non-profits do, they can pay for a core staff and bandwidth. Great. Shouldn't this story be about giving them a pat on the back instead of waving a $100million/month!!!! carrot in front of their face?

I certainly wouldn't contribute there if they received that much, because they don't need that much. Wikipedia needs a core staff and a community of interested contributors. I do not want it turned into the equivalent of a paid blog site.

Comment Re:Install Ubuntu (Score 0, Flamebait) 823

LOL, a troll customised to a story is becoming an unusual thing! Note to anyone who even takes this a little seriously: Tech support may be done by SSH'ing into the root account of a Linux machine, from there you have full control. Installing Flash, or whatever, via the command line is documented many thousands of times. If you've never used Unix/Linux do not be afraid, the Bash etc command line is very simple and common commands are very well documented on very many websites, it's kinda similar to Command Prompt on Windows, but with loads of little programs all pre-installed (i.e. you don't have to download a bunch of stuff before a computer can do anything useful). This post was brought to you by 'It just (just!) might be a troll financed by an MS FUD campaign, therefore deserves a response.'

Submission + - The future of internets, cellphones and openSocial

mathx writes: "Jesse Hirsh, internet culture and technology writer, has an article up at the Ceeb about the future of cell phones, the internet and open source social networking technologies like Google's recently announced OpenSocial. "..instead of the internet being someplace separate that we connect to only when we're near a computer, these devices will create a permanent link so that the internet is always accessible, ubiquitous and part of every interaction we have with the world.", he writes. "..the notion of calling someone will slowly be replaced with the reality that you're always in contact and all you have to do is speak and they will hear you." Google's embracing of OpenSource in these efforts will allow it to compete very effectively with Microsoft and Apple in this newly emerging arena."
The Internet

Battle Lines Being Drawn Over OpenSocial 63

SkiifGeek writes "Microsoft employees have already openly criticized Google's OpenSocial initiative (recently discussed here), and now there's news that one of the first OpenSocial applications, emote by Plaxo, was hacked within 45 minutes of appearing on the Net (it was subsequently pulled while Plaxo looked into fixing the holes). Although coding errors can happen to anyone, leaving evidence of lax programming discipline when all it takes to view your code is 'View Source' is poor form. It seems that the battle lines have been drawn between Microsoft and Google through their social networking proxies, with Facebook getting ready to fire the next salvo in the social networking battle."
The Internet

Submission + - Open Social - Details of Google's Facebook Killer (pmarca.com)

PRC Banker writes: "This week a new social API is being launched: Open Social. "Open Social is an open web API that can be supported by two kinds of developers: * Containers — social networking systems like Ning, Orkut, LinkedIn, Hi5, and Friendster; * Apps — applications that want to be embedded within containers — for example, the kinds of applications built by iLike, Flixster, Rockyou, and Slide." I think this is pretty big news. No more Facebook-specific FBML and FQL, "app developers can build to standard HTML and Javascript, and their apps can then run in any Open Social container." Key quote: "Open Social... will prevent Facebook from having any kind of long-term proprietary developer lock-in.""

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