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Comment Re:Can we get rid of the US Congress so easily? (Score 1) 227

Tunbridge Wells Council collect rubbish every 2 weeks, and on the alternate week collect compostable waste and (paper) recycling.

Or at least, they did 3 years ago. I doubt it's changed

It is nowhere near as good as Sevenoaks council (where I live now), which collects rubbish every week, and has the brilliant recycling bags, which are everywhere now. They also have excellent recycling statistics.

Most of it comes from the fact that councils have to pay heavy fees to landfill rubbish, whereas they can make money (or at least lose less) on recycling. Thus they want to try and encourage people to recycle where possible. This ties into the fact that people have so little respect for local council elections that they elect people who really have no clue about democracy or using the media. The fact that they don't work on shaming people into recycling more, and applying pressure to local shops (perhaps on the threat of higher rates or otherwise) into providing better facilities (say a discount for using bags, or a charge) instead (which is very easy to explain to council tax payers), or even for the stronger suggestions actually put it to a public vote if they so choose, which wouldn't be too tricky.

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