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Comment Re:not sure who they represent (Score 1) 385


I seriously doubt any of us have much in common with any of them.


Well said. It's agonizing to watch a group of ideologically motivated congressmen hold something important like this hostage in order to advance a set of narrow interests or to make a point. One longs for retribution to fall from the skies and some gnashing of teeth after all of this, if there is justice.

Comment Re:They obviously didn't poll any state government (Score 1) 199

The question at issue isn't what is in Amazon's corporate interest. It's whether Amazon merits the "most reputable company" designation that has been given it, in light of the fact that its business model basically involves evading state sales tax, which any company that sells out of a physical location is required to collect. That is a controversial business model, at a minimum.

Pursuing shareholder value and behaving reputably are obviously different things.

Comment Re:Simplistic view (Score 5, Insightful) 278

Voter apathy is merely a symptom of a larger problem -- a legislative system that decentralizes decision making so much that elected officials are accountable only to their local constituencies and large campaign contributors and a legal system that is focused on the minutiae of rules and processes and that is all too content to lose sight of the bigger picture. We should accept low voter turnouts in the US as a given for the time being and try to work out a system that will optimize responsible decision making on the part of elected officials.

Re the subject of this article -- until IP law is revised, the RIAA/MPAA will basically have free reign to do silly things. US IP law is badly broken, something we've been complaining about on Slashdot for years. It will not be revised until there is sensible campaign contribution reform and an organized grassroots political movement.

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