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Comment This does not equate to intelligence or virtue (Score 1) 171

If there was some tie in to emotional maturity,patience, wisdom, or even raw intelligence, that would better validate the value of VG more than just changes in the shape of the brain - which is quiet common among those engaged in repetitive mental behavior just like muscle develops according to to repetitive physical behavior.

Comment Re:In the middle of the greatest deficit... (Score 1) 108

I'm going to stab at your ignorant meme.

Bankers paid back all of the money from TARP with interest. It netted the US treasury a profit to spend on Pell Grants, food safety, and whatever other benevolent things you think government does.

The portion of TARP that did loose money was that which was invested in GM and Chrysler. Many billions lost - but that was solely to bail out the unions, not the companies. If they had gone into bankruptcy, they would have shed their union obligations and continued making cars.

It was comrade Obama's venture socialism in 'green jobs' that cost taxpayers.

Stop pretending you speak for the 99%. Get a job, anonymous coward freak.

Comment Re:Say what? (Score 1) 633

We are clearly going to get a big bunch of amateur economists commenting on this one.

I see you are getting this trend started. I would add that there still would be secure government debt to purchase for a long time - though not as much of it. States, municipalities, school boards, etc. are always participating in the bond market for special projects. There are also foreign government's that run deficits but whose debt is more secure than the US's (Thailand, etc.)

Comment Re:Shows how little you understand about money (Score 1) 103

This is why many places that accept credit cards require minimum transaction amounts to use them.

Which is a violation of their merchant agreement and, if you notify the credit card company, will result in them being told to either drop the minimum or stop taking cards.

IThey are not allowed to have minimum transactions for cards and they are not allowed to charge a premium for card-using customers. They are, however, allowed to give cash discounts.

/merchant account reseller for the last 5 years.

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