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Comment Consumer Choice (Score 5, Insightful) 324

Cable box manufacturers "do not feel consumer pressure to improve box efficiency" because consumers don't have a choice with which to pressure them. Last time I got cable setup somewhere, we got a box from the cable company. There was no "pick from the list", the installer pulled it out of his truck, put it there, and left it. Supposedly I can go out and buy a 3rd party box because I'm on cable, but they're hard to find info on and properly investigate, and don't seem to provide any real benefits (and no one advertises energy efficiency). And if you're on something like U-Verse of FiOS, you're pretty much screwed, best I can tell. The manufacturers don't listen to consumers, they listen to cable companies because they buy the vast majority of the boxes. And the cable company doesn't give a rat's ass about your electric bill.

Comment Re:Wow ... (Score 1) 451

It's not just the amount and distance. I'm really interested by the relative position of the asteroids to the Earth/Sun. Up until ~1988, all the discoveries are pretty much in the Earth's shadow. Between then and 2010, the cone begins expanding to ~30 degrees or so. Then, in 2010, the cone splits into 2 lines, only a few degrees wide, but at the edge of the old discovery cone. Then suddenly those two discovery cones jump and are perpendicular to the Earth/Sun line.

Really cool.

Comment Re:Explain to me... (Score 1) 143

I know this is supposed to be joking, but I want this sooo bad now...

"Telebot, you are dismissed!" - Powers off

"Telebot, make me a sandwich!" - Tunes to the cooking channel

"Telebot, make me laugh!" - Tunes to Comedy Central

"Telebot, make me cry!" - Tunes to Fox News

"Telebot, make it rain, bitch!" - Tunes to the Weather Channel

"Telebot, hold!" - Pauses the DVR

"Telebot, kill!" - Turns to Lifetime and stops responding to instructions

"Telebot, where is/are my ____?" - Brings up a cool "scanning" video, with crosshairs and google maps and random windows with text flying by while it says "Scanning...Scanning" over and over. Then it stops, jumps to an rendering of "R.U.D.I." from the Jetsons which says "Up your butt!"

I am easily entertained...

Comment Re:Let me guess (Score 1) 229

Be accountable for how information is actually used and provide mechanisms for compliance, audit, and verification; and Provide effective redress mechanisms for, and advocacy on behalf of, individuals who believe their data may have been misused

Considering we still haven't managed to do this for our electronic voting systems, I foresee a long future of this not happening if they actually put this in as one of the requirements...

Comment Re:The marketing guys are good (Score 1) 107

You forgot the FAA and EASA testing and certification phase, which has to take place for every new plane the technology will be used in as well as *every* plane you plan on retrofitting it into. Depending on how new the technology is or how well the FAA understands it, this could take a very, very long time. One of the reasons commonly given for the commercial failure of the Beechcraft Starship is the length of time it spent in testing due to it's completely composite airframe, a novelty at the time, allowing time for small business jets (4-6 passengers) to be introduced first in direct competition to the Beechcraft (previous business jets were larger, like Gulfstreams seating 10-14).

Comment Re:Number (Score 1) 964

Actually, it's not the result of a 9.0 earthquake. It's the result of a 9.0 earthquake, quickly followed by 14 meter (46 ft, according to Wikipedia) tsunami while the sea wall protecting it was only built to protect from 6 meters of water, destroying the plant's connection to the power grid, backup generators, backup backup generators, and coolant pumps.

Again, almost unimaginable in the intensity and destructive power, though placement of the backup generators wasn't the brightest (one thing I've learned living in a place susceptible to flooding/hurricanes: never, ever, ever put emergency [power|supplies|whatever] on or below ground level. And if you do, seal them like crazy after every check-run so they don't get flooded).

Comment Re:Yeah,. right (Score 1) 255

I still feel like "The manuals contained information on how SCEA is located in California? The manuals were never opened." isn't that different from shouting "NANANANANANANANACANTHEARYOUNANANANANANA" while you have your fingers in your ears, as far as a defense goes...

Don't get me wrong, I hope he wins this. I just don't know that it's quite the "slam" the submitter thinks it is...

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