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Comment Re:Bleeding Edge Aviation (Score 1) 379

Test pilot is synonymous with risk, even more so than being a fighter pilot.

Except these aren't test models. The F-22 production model was finalised in 1997, the first production models were delivered in 2003! To put that in perspective entire jet aircraft were designed, flown in combat, and retired during a similar amount of time in the Cold War.

These are production aircraft that have only been used on "test" missions because they are too expensive to risk on real missions, and they have a history of stupid problems like this one which can easily lead to loss of aircraft on a real mission even without enemy action. The airforce won't shitcan the aircraft because it is the only proper stealth (JFS stealth is a joke) manned aircraft they are getting.

The military procurement system in the English speaking world (significant because it is mostly the same companies at the top in the US, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom) has been sick since the 80's and I can't remember a major procurement since then that didn't last longer then a world war and end in a notably flawed product (maybe the F/A-18 Super Hornet). The USN has aluminium hulled boats corroding due to lack of cathodic protection, the USMC took 20 years to get the Osprey to stop falling out of the sky, the USAF has the F-22 and JSF, the US Army had the Bradley (whose terrible procurement process spawned a book and a movie). At this point we may as well open the treasuries to the defence contractors and say "take what you want, just deliver a working weapon system within a decade".

Comment Re:The truth slowly comes out (Score 3, Informative) 647

Of course, most non-idiots have known for some time that the CIA and Mossad have been in a state of undeclared war with Iran for several years now

Several years? Try since the CIA overthrew the civilian government of Iran in 1953. And the Iranians haven't been sitting quietly and taking it like a victim. There is plenty of evidence that Iranian resources were being used to train and supply insurgents in Iraq and Palestine.

Iran was innocent when the CIA first got involved but these days they are playing the game with the big boys and getting what they deserve (as is the CIA).

Comment Re:Mod parent up! (Score 1) 533

What a load of crap. Most of those new PC users in the 80's weren't doing innovative new things on their new PC's, they were running the software that IT tested and deployed. PC's were mainly used to replace established pen & paper work practices, not so the users could innovate.

The same is true for smart phones. Most of the people who claim to need a smart phone to do their job are just replacing a laptop that did the same job. The smart phone might be slightly more convenient but it isn't some huge world changing innovation of that particular business use.

If people had of demanded that 25 year ago PC architectures should be connected to the modern Internet they would have been laughed out of the meeting. Don't blame IT for the fact that the underlying architecture of most smart phones is not suitable to secure business practices.

Comment Poor risk analysis (Score 2) 193

What I want to know is why the secondary coolant pumps were housed in tin sheds instead of say a concrete bunker like the primary reactor buildings?

I had just assumed for all these years that something as important as the secondary coolant system would be protected by more then some steel panelling. If they had of placed the secondaries in a concrete bunker on the side of the primary reactor building opposite the ocean then it would take a disaster big enough to crack the reactor building to put them out of commission.

It would probably end up cheaper then building a sea wall.

Comment Re:The point of laws and courts... (Score 0) 411

Then you simply redefine fairness and justice with a comprehensive propaganda campaign so that the average persons expectations are adjusted inline with what those in power want.

The program has been working wonderfully in America from what I have observed (how else do you explain people that demand to pay more for a private health system with worse outcomes then public health systems?).

Comment Re:Bullshit supreme (Score 1) 462

I have personally seen arcing in house circuits that went on for months without serious issue (share house, one guy kept replacing the fuse incorrectly and it would end up arcing under load and then vaporising). I have only isolated the issue down to some major pieces of equipment (water heater, and pool pump system) but couldn't be bothered taking it further.

I just assume it is bad, local, wiring because my parents TV makes the same out-of-spec transformer whine* as TV's/monitors did in the share house with arcing fuses. But it is a rural area so anything could be on the local circuit.

* Which my parents can't hear. Even lots of people my own age can't hear those high frequencies.

Comment Re:Bullshit supreme (Score 2) 462

I do wonder if perhaps the magnetization of the joists isn't a cause, but rather an effect of whatever is messing with their equipment.

Do they live in the beam path of a military grade over-the-horizon radar? Because that is about the only likely suspect (apart from batshit insane home owners).

My parents house has wiring so bad that it wipes out any AM radio (I discovered that when I took my shortwave rig there for a weekend) but it doesn't do anything to CRT/LCD monitors or affect FM TV/radio reception. To distort TV reception or interfere with electronics would take more power then I have ever seen bad wiring put out.

Comment Forever war. (Score 2) 885

we are actively deployed and fighting battles where our soldiers and enemy combatants kill each other.

If that is the definition of war then the United States has never not been at war.

Indian's. Mexico. Canada. Spain. The Caribbean. Utah. pirates in what is now Libya. Korea 50's to today. Indo-China from the 50's to 75. South America. Caribbean again. Middle East. Somalia.

It would be a rare year in modern history where US forces did not fire a shot in anger.

Comment Re:Oh No!!! Not Our Website!!! How Will We Survive (Score 5, Insightful) 289

No, the point is it is funny. That is it. Anonymous is in it for the lulz. If some of the horde gets taken out nobody really cares.

Also "LulzSec" are actually pretty terrible at hacking. Most of it is really low rent exploits and social engineering which is why it is so amusing how much "damage" they have caused. The only thing that makes them a cut above a thousand other minor hackers is that they are publicising it, which is exactly the best way to piss the corporations off. They don't care that much about the intrusions, just that their customers are finding out how unsafe these "trusted" companies are.

P.S. The real dangerous hackers live in non-extradition countries and have thugs with guns at hand. They aren't scared of the FBI.

Comment Misplaced paranoia. (Score 4, Interesting) 136

My favourite part of the article:

We have strong indications that the CA-servers, although physically very securely placed in a tempest proof environment, were accessible over the network from the management LAN.

TEMPEST is a method where you intercept EM radiation from a computer and use that to reconstruct some information about what that computer is doing. For example the US government could supposedly read CRT monitors from a fair distance away.

However, worrying about TEMPEST protection when you not only have those system connected to systems that are connected directly to the net, but use a single management username and password combo for your entire network is just insane. Even if the system wasn't connected to the Internet the freaking janitor could have placed a key-logger and had access to the entire system.

It is far cheaper to bribe one employee then spend millions setting up a modern TEMPEST system. I guess even the Dutch practice security theatre.

Comment Re:Get some integrity, guys! (Score 1) 235

I think what he meant was if NH has less people then why can't CA balance the budget.

What is the portion of people in NH earning minimum wage or close to it? Stuff like "average" income can be meaningless depending on how you compile the statistics (eg rich ass Hollywood types balanced out by tons of poor people in CA, vs maybe mostly middle class people in NH). The rich will pay less tax on their fortunes then if that same overall amount of money was being earned by a bunch of middle class people, and the working poor are generally still a drain on the budget.

From what I hear California has caught the brand of bread-and-circuses government where everyone wants awesome programs but no one wants to raise taxes to pay for them. I am all for social programs but you need a solid tax base and frugal government initiatives to make it sustainable. You can't kill the Goose that Laid the Golden Egg just because the voters don't want to foot the bill.

Comment Re:Anonymous = in it for the lulz (Score 1) 627

You used to support Anonymous when they started? Would that be back when the thing Anonymous was most famous for was posting kiddy porn and gore on innocent forums, or when they invaded kids online games to chant racist slogans? Anonymous has never been about anything but amusing themselves. Occasionally they do something "good", but otherwise they are your typical anonymous Western teenagers and 20 somethings.

Comment Re:Anonymous = in it for the lulz (Score 1) 627

The fact that they're doing anything even remotely directed towards this drug cartel is showing some balls

No, it doesn't. "They" are behind 7 proxies and probably in Europe or Canada. Cartels might go after some poor bastard in Mexico or near the border who is annoying them online, but that is about it. Pissing off Mexican cartels online is about as scary as pissing off the North Koreans or the Chinese Communist Party, it is absolutely repercussion free for a first world citizen like myself.

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