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Comment Re:Alternative ways to develop? (Score 2) 262

The 1960s? From the Kodak 1997 Professional Photographic Catalog (publication L-9):

KODACHROME Film was the first Kodak color film ever made and continues to be the most archival of all color films

But you're right about the E-6 films being easier to live with. I used to do sink-line E-6 sheet film processing, and for an extra fee we could even adjust the first developer time by inspection!

Comment Re:Alternative ways to develop? (Score 5, Informative) 262

Kodachrome is a transparency ("slide") film, not a negative one like Kodacolor. Also, unlike conventional transparency films like Ektachrome and Fujichrome, the color dyes are not present in the emulsion when you shoot the film but are introduced during processing, which makes developing the stuff a bitch. One effect of this is that the dyes in Kodachrome are much longer lasting than those in other transparency films (the ones developed using the E-6 process).

Submission + - TSA Investigates Pilot who Exposed Security Flaws (go.com)

stewart_maximus writes: The TSA is investigating a TSA deputized pilot who posted videos to YouTube pointing out security flaws. Flaws exposed include ground crew clearing security with just a card swipe while pilots have to go through metal detectors, and a 'medieval-looking rescue ax' being available on the flight deck. Three days after posting the video, 6 government officials arrived at his door to question him and confiscated his federal firearm (and his concealed weapon permit).

Comment Re:Let's make one good language. (Score 1) 897

Why should we all wrestle with different languages? Why can't there be one language that handles most of the cases?

Remember PL/I? ADA? Every time we try come up with a language that handles most cases, it seems to inherit the worst features of its predecessors.

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