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Comment Re:Concusion detection tech (Score 1) 240

4wd doesn't have anything to do with hydroplaning.

Let me rephrase that since you have obviously never used a 4WD vehicle. 4WD will assist in grip at low speeds to START moving. All vehicles already have four wheel braking. Four wheel drive won't help you slow down. It won't stop you from hydroplaning.

Comment Re:Concusion detection tech (Score 1) 240

Statistics per thousand player hours?

The average NFL game has 11 minutes of action. Split that into offense and defense means you have 5.5 minutes of action per game. Then toss in a 17 game season and you have 93.5 minutes of game time per team. Yet you're still seeing injuries of this quantity.

93.5 minutes is slightly longer than your average Rugby game. A rugby player will see 93.5 minutes of action in 4 games at most.

Comment Re:Concusion detection tech (Score 1) 240

Can you provide any numbers that compare the rate of injuries? Just because concussions are a concern in rugby (as they are in any sport) doesn't mean that they are at rates higher than that of football.

And per thousand hours of play I'd say that they're significantly less considering that the average NFL game has 11 minutes of action compared to a 90 minute Rugby game.

Comment Re:Concusion detection tech (Score 5, Informative) 240

Yep. Just like you see all the time in Rugby... except you don't. Rugby Injuries: A Review of Concepts and Current Literature. If you count actual injuries per 1000 hours of playing time professional Rugby has fewer injuries than the NFL.

And given a choice between a broken bone and permanent brain damage, I'll take the broken bone.

Comment Re:Concusion detection tech (Score 1) 240

> If there is data that airbags, anti-lock brakes, or 4wd make cars less safe to due to overconfidence, that would be relevant.

They do. Replace airbags with knives. People won't drive faster than 5 MPH and crashes will all but eliminated. Airbags make cars safer given the situation where people refuse to slow down.

If people are going to drive 70 MPH then airbags make cars safer at 70 MPH. But if you include the scenario where people never go faster than 5 MPH then airbags would actually cause more damage.

4WD actually has nothing to do with safety and has to do with grip.

Comment Re:Concusion detection tech (Score 5, Informative) 240

I play Rugby. I've torn both ACLs. I've had numerous other injuries. But when you knock heads with someone there are

In a similar manner to how the people with congenital insensitivity to pain end up with more damage to their body because they have no pain feedback. Your brain has no internal pain receptors. It's why they can perform awake open brain surgeries. But you do have an extensive network of pain nerves all over your skull. By mitigating the pain the rest of the skull feels (with helmets) you're preventing the body from knowing when it is starting to damage the brain.

Comment Re:Concusion detection tech (Score 5, Interesting) 240

They should remove the damn helmets and pads. The reason you get the huge hits is because of them. People hit harder because you have 'protection'. Which leads to worse injuries. It's like asking someone to run into a wall. If you run into the wall with a helmet you're going to hit harder because the bits that you can feel don't hurt as much but there is still internal damage. Compared to running straight into a wall unprotected. It's going to hurt your forehead probably before it hurts the brain.

I'd love to see the same results from career Rugby players.

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