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Comment UltraEdit! (Score 1) 1131

since most of my time is spent on Windows machines I use UltraEdit. It does *nix regular expressions as well as it's own custom regular expressions, which makes search, replace, and other necessary things a breeze (think 5 gigabyte text files).

Comment Re:Expected (Score 1) 1654

For all of you who are calling this girl "stupid, "moron", or "idiot", let me ask you a question. How many of you know how to change the brake pads on your car? How many can rebuild your carburetor, or even do something as simple as change your oil? I'm going to guess that not very many of you can do any of these things, and yet cars have been around a lot longer than computers, and in the west are about as ubiquitous as telephones and television sets.

This girl isn't stupid because she doesn't know how to configure Linux to connect to the Internet through her ISP, or find an alternative to MS Office that can write a Word doc compatible file her professor can use, it's simply a matter of her not having the opportunity, or taken the time, to learn about something like the principles of operating systems and computers in general. Just like most of you have never learned how to do something as simple as change the oil in your car.

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