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Comment Re:not really sure... (Score 1) 161

xperia play works well for what it is, an android phone with a game pad. the analog touchareas suck. but it is really good for playing snes games on the go(it has all the right buttons and a nice screen for that). it's not a bad android phone either.

I own a Play and just got a Nexus 4 for some perspective, and what I've decided is that they should have bit the bullet and put more CPU and RAM in the Play, even though it would have raised the price. They should also have offered an accessory to make the phone fatter and add more battery, which would have been easy enough to do given the location of the ports. Since they cheaped out particularly on RAM, it was too difficult to shoehorn ICS onto the device and it was abandoned when the rest of the Xperia line got upgraded to 4.0. And since the device was so thin, it was outright painful to use the touchpads, which were also just not very good.

If you've played games on CM on the Play, then you know that it's not really that fantastic because of the lack of free memory. If there were any hope of getting KitKat on it then it would be worth keeping as more than an emergency backup phone. Also, I found that with many ICS or JB ROMs, doing things like hanging up after a voice call would earn me a free reboot, while stock-based ROMs using LuPuS GB kernel tend to be rock solid, e.g. AuroraPlay. Also, touchpad driver problems even with the fancy fix and activator. Not really worth the effort.

Comment Re:The real risk (Score 1) 194

"Roundup" herbicide is already off patent. The "Roundup-Ready" gene that infers resistance goes off patent in 2015. Most BT corn patents have been invalidated.

Local soil builders have been complaining of Aluminum in readily available soil stocks. Monsanto happens to have a patent on genes for Aluminum uptake resistance. Not sure where Al's coming from.

Comment Fake Alias... (Score 1) 319

Everything I do online is based on a fake alias. airgapped from my real life. yes even my cellphone and internet is via a fake alias I pay for a second internet line to a neighbors house, then I ran my own wires back to mine buried. I asked for no paper billing and it's set to an automatic credit card payment.

Works great.

Comment Re:Drones for Defense (Score 1) 211

flying bombs are called cruise missiles, they've been around for ages and they aren't cheap.

If you need a cruise missile that can fly through a meter square window after flying 1,500 miles, sure, they aren't cheap. But the only thing stopping a hobbyist from turning a model rocket into a cruise missile besides being sensible enough to want to avoid visits from the men in black is that the GPS units refuse to play that game.

Comment Re:Or Bazookas. Or Flamethrowers. Or Grenades... (Score 1) 211

The main difference is that drones are an incredibly expensive and complex way to kill a dozen people, as compared to, say, goons with machetes.

Drones do not yet compete with goons with machetes, but that day will come sooner that you like. However, they are highly competitive with actual trained soldiers already. And if you just throw any and all ethics over the shoulder and go ahead and use chemical weapons and so on, one teensy tiny little plastic piece of shit can kill a whole bunch of people.

Comment Re:satellite or other craft or combination thereof (Score 1) 211

our 'total battlefield awareness' means we use multiple data feeds integrated into a 3D battlefield rendering, with all assests renedered in real time as best as possible...

first, we use satellites for what you describe...or high altitude aircraft networked with the battlefield assests...

The drones we are discussing are aircraft. Some of them were designed first and foremost for surveillance, and most of those were designed specifically with long loiter time in mind specifically for that mission. HTH, HAND.

Comment Re:Not the same... (Score 1) 211

Sure, there's plenty of automatic cameras, snapping away every few seconds for surveillance, but there's no decision-making process there.

That is false not only at first brush, but also when considered in depth. Intelligent cameras have been a thing for years now. The cameras themselves are gaining the ability to determine when there's something worth shooting, with algorithms beyond simple motion detection.

Comment Re:Geothermal power (Score 1) 78

Any needless consumption of energy whose results are unknown should be abhorred. The endless cycle of having to buy new crap because the old crap failed (as opposed to the endless cycle of buying new crap because the old crap is outdated, which we could at least debate) is really an insufferable lot of shit. And there's just a lot of energy going to waste when it would cost very little to retain more of it. And then of course there's war, which these days is a horrible consumer of energy and producer of pollution. War's always had significant environmental impact, but it's well off the charts now by ancient standards. To deforestation you can add all kinds of fun goodies like depleted uranium.

You're right about the lack of sense of scale, though.

Comment Re:BART (Score 1) 125

It wasn't built to supplement the transportation needs of carless San Francisco residents. It was built to shuttle people around the Bay Area. If you needed to get to the airport, you got there like everybody else--you drove your car.

But this just comes right back to how BART is stupid. Because when you build public transportation, it's going to be used by people who don't have cars, and to not take them into account is fucking stupid. Also, it's just stupid not to have the rail be able to take commuters from an airport to downtown no matter how you slice it. That should have been an initial design goal.

Comment Re:spam wonderful spam (Score 2) 209

unless you are the president of a large company or a politician, nobody cares about you ...

We were thinking you could fire 500,000, from one of the smaller companies?

Fire one million.

and if you were, they wouldn't have to break into google to steal your data.

Nobody has to break into Google to get your data, Google will hand it over to the government on request. Is it Evil to comply with an Evil order?

Comment Re:Climate (Score 1) 810

This is why the EV manuals say that if you're going to leave the car parked for a weeks in cold weather, make sure it's plugged in.

See, this is what happened to all the Atlantean artifacts, except theirs had to be plugged in to not disintegrate ;)

This must be a plot in some extant sci-fi novel already, right? I suppose there's similarities in Ringworld.

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