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Comment Re:We need IT unions now and better training (Score 3, Funny) 195

LOL. What is this, 1955? Labor unions don't exist to help workers. Labor unions exist to help labor union bosses and funnel money to one particular political party. That's it.

Maybe once upon a time, a long time ago, labor unions had a point. Not any more. They are corrupt cannot even keep their own members from deserting. Why are their members deserting? Because labor bosses don't give a shit about their members. Moreover unions are racist.

The cure you propose is worse than the disease.

Comment Re:I can only say one thing... (Score 1) 317

When people first saw the diamond on the NES control pad, they said "The controller design is awful. Why the fuck would you get rid of the traditional joystick?"

Who is this "everyone"? And what is this "diamond"? When the NES control pad came out, kids had already learned to use the cross (or "D[irection] Pad" in the common parlance, which no one calls a diamond) by playing Nintendo's LCD Game & Watch series games. And gamers had already experienced flat game control pads on the Intellivision and Colecovision systems. You don't really know what you're talking about, so why do we care about your judgment?

Comment Re:I can only say one thing... (Score 1) 317

I never got used to using my thumb for simultaneous presses.

Don't try to press both buttons. Only try to realize the truth. Er, wait. Only try to make both buttons be pressed down. If your goal is to make the buttons fall and not to press on them with a finger then eventually your nervous system will learn how to slide the finger over to hit the second button.

Comment Re:The chemical industry disavows this nonsense. (Score 1) 67

"Chemical industry" isn't a thing that exists, is it?

Of course it is; the chemical industry makes all the chemicals that everybody else (including agriculture) uses. Major corporations include BASF, Dow and DuPont.

Let us not forget Monsanto, still the world's largest producer of a number of nasty compounds including glyphosphate.

Comment Re:This actually looks really unusable (Score 1) 317

where those phone games, "built around a new generation of super-precise haptic feedback, employing dual linear resonant actuators"?

Aside from resonant, which is irrelevant bullshit as far as actually controlling something with the pads is concerned, the answer is yes. Games were optimized for the Xperia Play, which means they had support for dual analog controls. That's precisely as "built around" this controller as most Steam titles are going to be. They'll work equally well with a Sony controller, which has most of the same functionality more or less, albeit with analog sticks instead of gimmicky touchpads. The Xperia Play also has dual touchpads and it sucks to use compared to dual analog sticks. Dual analog sticks won't fit on a phone, but they will fit in a console controller.

I declare Sony to be the winner of the controller design competition. The PS4 controller has tilt, touch/tap, dual analog sticks, and IIRC six analog buttons and two analog triggers. ObDisclaimer: Sony can go take a flying fuck in a rolling doughnut, and I won't be buying a PS4. I just think they have the best controller in this generation. I will be happy when they are available used.

Comment Re:This actually looks really unusable (Score 1) 317

Important difference here is that you have tactile feedback on your thumbs position relative to the center.

Not different. I have an Xperia Play. It has two trackpads which mimic analog gamepads. They have little center pips on them so you can find the center. They still suck to use. This will suck less because it's more ergonomic, but it will still suck.

Comment Re:That's incredibly creepy (Score 1) 311

If you expand the definition of rape to include anything you don't like, it will end up being a word with no real meaning at all.

O RLY? Origin: 1250â"1300; (v.) Middle English rapen . Try reading the definitions; the original meaning is still a valid meaning. I don't have OED access so I don't know when the meaning narrowed to mostly specify sexual assault, but that's what happened. The legal definition varies and often involves penetration, although those definitions are outdated and being updated.

Comment Re:Reminds me of the Intellivision controller (Score 1) 317

Did people who moan about Intellivision online actually play Intellivision? I get the idea it's something they read somewhere and then repeat endlessly. The controllers worked well with most of Intellivision's game library. The alternative was a joystick with a single button, which was fine for arcade games but sucked for anything with weight.

Comment Re:Nuclear is the only viable solution (Score 1) 324

Economic progress *is* social progress.

No. It is enabled by social progess.

It allows people to allocate labor and resources to educating their children (and themselves), feeding the hungry, curing disease and curbing pollution.

Theoretically, sure. In practice, it does none of those things. Let's go from the bottom. Curbing pollution is achieved not solely through technical progress, but also through social progress. In general we have technologies to avoid pollution long before they are used, and only when people wake the fuck up and demand them are they in fact implemented. For example, particulate and carbon filters to trap small particulates and volatile organic compounds. We knew about them long before we started using them. We used them only because people were protesting their bleeding lungs. Curing disease? Economic progress makes the technical progress possible, but we withold cures that we've developed from people without the means to pay an arbitrary asking price designed to serve shareholders and we only make them broadly available when society demands it. Education is in sad shape here in the USA specifically because economic progress isn't serving the people.

Economic progress is not social progress. Economic progress must serve social progress, or it retards it.

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