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Comment Re:Open Source (Score 1) 111

My solution was to buy an Android device. I initially considered one of the old Google TV devices which will play AIS video but I decided it wasn't that important, I don't really need prime anyway since so much of the stuff I order is cheaper on eBay with or without free shipping, which is often available. I had two Rikomagic MK802 devices (a MkIII and a MkIIIS) which were both garbage; the first one seemed to have a short across the power connector and the second one was just flaky in every way and nothing really worked. Then I got an Ouya, which is a total lemon, crashing and hanging even at the launcher and with abysmal bluetooth range. Now I have a Tronsmart MK902 which seems, at first stab, to be a much better effort than any of those others. WiFi and bluetooth both seem to work correctly, and you can use the device on displays with resolutions other than the ideal. At least, it works on my 1440x900 LCD that is currently sitting on my desktop for my Raspberry Pi. I have a small adapter to convert the HDMI to DVI. Netflix works. I can stream video from Plex with the included software. Mission accomplished I guess, until I get XBMC going at least. But that's reported to be kind of flaky right now.

Comment Re:It's A Start (Score 1) 362

Much like the belief that one's invisible friend will reward their non-existent soul upon death?

There's nothing contradictory about that. No one has yet disproven the soul, nor an afterlife. For the record, I do not particularly believe in either, but am willing to be pleasantly surprised.

Comment Re:well fuck me! (Score 1) 104

If I pour crude oil into the ocean, destroy the livelyhoods of fishing communities and kill a few of people on an oil platform in a gas fire (and destroy some evidence), I'll get a couple of hundred $k fine. If I buy a gun and go out and shoot the same number of people (and survive the manhunt) I'll get the rest of my life being a jailhouse bitch. Now, I wonder which I would choose?? Haliburton, do you have any vacancies???

Oh no, it's much better than that. If you pour crude oil into the ocean etc etc, you will wind up going to jail, because you are just one man. But if you operate a corporation such that such an outcome is inevitable, then you will get a fat bonus and the corporation will get a small fine.

Comment Re:Punishment out of proportions? (Score 1) 84

I read an interesting article in the Economist the other week. It suggested that countries where children are spanked tend to have populations that support harsher prison sentences.

Sure. People stupid enough to support harsh prison sentences when it's been proven that they don't make people better people are also stupid enough to fail to understand that violence begets violence and that when you are employing violence because you are out of other options, you are a failure.

Comment Re:Charges Only if You're A Citizen (Score 4, Insightful) 84

Your fault for Voting Republican/Democrat.

Honestly, Being in Congress should be by lottery and forced servitude. You cant get elected, it's a lottery and compulsory.. Dave Fox of 3124 Main Street, Chester,OH... YOU are the new congressional representative of your district for the next 2 years. An armed caravan will be there momentarily to pick you up.

It is the only way to keep it honest. Because voting for rich assholes is turning out to be a complete failure.

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