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Comment Re:well fuck me! (Score 1) 104

If I pour crude oil into the ocean, destroy the livelyhoods of fishing communities and kill a few of people on an oil platform in a gas fire (and destroy some evidence), I'll get a couple of hundred $k fine. If I buy a gun and go out and shoot the same number of people (and survive the manhunt) I'll get the rest of my life being a jailhouse bitch. Now, I wonder which I would choose?? Haliburton, do you have any vacancies???

Oh no, it's much better than that. If you pour crude oil into the ocean etc etc, you will wind up going to jail, because you are just one man. But if you operate a corporation such that such an outcome is inevitable, then you will get a fat bonus and the corporation will get a small fine.

Comment Re:Punishment out of proportions? (Score 1) 84

I read an interesting article in the Economist the other week. It suggested that countries where children are spanked tend to have populations that support harsher prison sentences.

Sure. People stupid enough to support harsh prison sentences when it's been proven that they don't make people better people are also stupid enough to fail to understand that violence begets violence and that when you are employing violence because you are out of other options, you are a failure.

Comment Re:Charges Only if You're A Citizen (Score 4, Insightful) 84

Your fault for Voting Republican/Democrat.

Honestly, Being in Congress should be by lottery and forced servitude. You cant get elected, it's a lottery and compulsory.. Dave Fox of 3124 Main Street, Chester,OH... YOU are the new congressional representative of your district for the next 2 years. An armed caravan will be there momentarily to pick you up.

It is the only way to keep it honest. Because voting for rich assholes is turning out to be a complete failure.

Comment Re:Just use Windows Backup (Score 1) 227

Windows backup *will* backup to drives larger than 3TBs - as long as they use the 512e advanced formatting where it logically uses 512 bytes allocation units but physically 4096 bytes units. The solution is to use the GPT (GUID Partition Table) format. This will work for Vista and up.

My god, it's so simple! Why would anyone ever use Linux, which is all hard and stuff?

Comment Re:Butthurt much? (Score 1) 111

How easily people forget that AWS is Amazon's excess server capacity.

Is this common knowledge? I've never heard this before. Do you have a source?

Vogels also noted that Amazon eats its own dog food. As of Nov. 10, 2010, all of the web traffic for is being served by Amazon Web Services, he said.[1]

[1] Miller, Rich. Amazon Cloud Now Stores 339 Billion Objects. Data Center Knowledge, June 22nd, 2011.

You might also like: to try using google before asking questions thus easily answered on slashdot.

Comment Re:DRM Hell (Score 2) 111

Since you and Netflix sold yours and everyone else rights and freedom away for a few convenient shitty movies, we will now have to deal with the introduction of hardware locked "trusted computing" phones, and software that requires it. I will certainly never purchase another Android device ever again.

This was bound to happen eventually. It's not just Netflix, it's also Amazon, which has consistently refused to bring AIS to anything but a handful of Google TV devices. And it will be coming to Apple devices sooner or later. Enjoy your Ubuntu phone, I guess.

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