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Comment Re:Hmmm (Score 0) 221

No one has died as a result of the radiation from Fukushima to date

O RLY? Hey, this might not be Fukushima-related. But I had to dig to find that story, because of all the claims that people are linking to saying "no one has died because of Fukushima radiation" as if you could prove a negative. You can't, so you should just stop trying. We can't prove that an unexplained cancer is from Fukushima either, which is what you nuclear playboys depend upon. You can't track a particular cancer back to a particular carcinogen. Hundreds or thousands have to die before you will admit statistical significance.

Comment Re:50 bil? (Score 1) 221

As for the cost to clean up Fukushima? Can we PLEASE stop blaming nuclear power for what is in reality a case of corporate and government malfeasance please?

You're confused. No one is "blaming" "nuclear power". Nuclear power is just a technology. People are blaming humans for being too irresponsible to handle it. Individual humans might be sufficiently responsible, but the system is not designed so as to place them in control. It is only designed to self-perpetuate and to make some rich people richer. Given these facts, using nuclear power is irresponsible. If you have a proposal for a system which will cause nuclear power to only be used responsibly, I'm interested in hearing it.

It was SUPPOSED to have been shut down years ago, it wasn't, it was SUPPOSED to have been well maintained, it wasn't,

People left warnings as to where tsunamis had surged in the past and hoped they would be heeded, they weren't; the plant could have been built with elevated generators but they're ugly so it wasn't. The plant could have been sited somewhere else, but it wasn't.

It wasn't because humans are what they are and as long as they are then using nuclear power is irresponsible, because humans are irresponsible.

If you want us to get off fossil fuels there is really only ONE choice and that is nuclear,


none of the renewables are capable of even scaling up to what we are using now,

It doesn't make any sense to have all this shit on this mudball at all. We have sufficient space and robotics technology to begin to move heavy manufacturing into space where it won't bother anyone and refuse is easy to dispose of. But because the entrenched powers are profiting from raping the biosphere, nothing is changing. Again, because of human nature — there's a lot more of us than there are of them, but we're fighting amongst ourselves instead of uniting to kick out the pricks.

Comment Re:It's A Start (Score 5, Interesting) 362

At least one such NSA employee will be reading this, and their conscience will twinge, just for a second.

No, no it won't. Cognitive dissonance will prevent it. They have convinced themselves that they are good people on no basis whatsoever, and in order to protect that belief they will convince themselves that there is no way to achieve their goal but to ride roughshod over the constitution. Then they'll tell themselves that it's OK to violate the constitution as long as you're doing it to protect the constitution. Unfortunately, holding such a clearly contradictory belief is a kind of insanity.

Comment Re:How do they plan to do that if I own the kernel (Score 1) 244

Nobody, and I mean NOBODY steals "IP" via the HDMI stream, even though it's been completely broken for over a year. In fact I install devices for my clients to disable HDCP completely, all Theater installs come with an HDFury installed on the Bluray player and the cable box to disable that craptastic abortion called HDCP.

Comment Re:The boring truth (Score 1) 668

Those are different chlorine __compounds__.

If you want to cry all day because I didn't use the proper terminology, that's cool. But the fact is that people who weren't bound and determined to show me up could tell what I meant, and if you were spending more time thinking and less time trying to be cleverer than the other people around you, you could have done as well.

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