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Comment Re:Meh (Score 1) 259

After abandoning CDE, OLVWM, TWM, WindowMaker, AfterStep, and others back in the day for E16, aside from the eye candy there was nothing ever funky about it at all. It was in many ways like the transition between XP and Win7, a few odds and ends not quite how you like, but all in all a significantly better experience. It has been for me one of the most productive environments I've ever used. Virtual desktops, key mapping, sloppy mouse focus, what's not to like about it? E17 allows you to integrate compiz if that's your thing too.

Comment Re:Our way or the FLOSS way (Score 3, Interesting) 310

You have a source for your claim that the classic desktop is magnitudes more difficult to operate? From my purview, which is no different than yours, the world wants their old interface back, be that classic Gnome or Windows. A vast generalization, but the desktop PC creates, the future you imagine involves consumption and finding abstract buzzwords to describe the same old file system that'll be with us for a few more decades yet.

Get back to me when you have an AI agent that can facilitate writing code more accurately and faster than I can type it.

Comment Re:Inevitable (Score 1) 447

Ahh, I see what you did there good sir. Choices. Hand crafted analogue amplifier filled with the soft orange glow of a hundred valves, or a solid state device encased in an anodized alloy box lighting up the room with insanely bright blue LED's - both produce identical output. Which to pick... It appears that in your world one of these is a better choice, I think you are wrong though.

Comment Re:The War On Common Sense (Score 1) 167

As a motorbike rider it may have been useful way back when I first began, though without the ability to also indicate oil and diesel spills it's kind of a novelty, just some road eye candy.

You learn real early where the slippery stuff is so you look for it as a matter of routine.

Is this special paint also slippery in the wet (just like regular line markings) for the crowd on two wheels?

Comment Re:100% (Score 2) 586

I've been churning out Java, c++, c, and unfortunately PHP for more years than I can remember using only vi. With Java specifically, even on huge projects, I've yet to find an IDE that increases my productivity, just the opposite actually. What could be better than a dozen virtual desktops and an unlimited supply of teminals? :-) I like Java myself, never found it hell at all.

Comment Re:But that's not the real problem. (Score 1) 1651

I think this you are wrong. There have been numerous studies of motorcycle accidents that prove helmets save lives. I'm all for pro-choice as an adult, but don't kid yourself, helets statistically do make a big difference. I get your meaning, but I would argue the design of the typical bicylcle helmet is simply wrong myself, little better than exposed foam with vents that barely cover the top of the head. The majority of impacts are going to be around the face, thus their ineffectiveness. ATGATT for me, your choice is your own to make.

Comment Re:This is how it begins (Score 5, Interesting) 114

You presume there is some giuding intelligence overseeing these power grabs with a view to a long term outlook. Having spent a big part of my career working for a secret 3 letter Australian agency, the reality seems more like everyone (particularly mid level management) simply needing to show they've been productively adding value between reporting periods. The vision extends no further than this.

These all start out as imaginary problems, some can be monetized, others enable dot points on power point presentations with much self aggrandizement for those involved.

Comment Re:Kudos! (Score 1) 235

The apology is worthless. If you set up the same intercept kit the government is using - which is not actually illegal, all on NZ soil, then used it to intercept the PM's phone and data channels via a box in the telco exchange, a satellite link, or the cell tower microwave trunks in his area, you would be fined or more likely end up in jail.

The law is quite clear on this, if one end point is overseas and one domestic, the domestic party can never be identified. Ever. Regardless of citizenship.

Comment Re:Why not use tools that help do it? (Score 1) 288

I don't know what my point is but every day I deal with Java devs that don't know the difference between the JDK and JRE, let alone how to actually install either of those. If the IT department doesn't configure their IDE of choice, if they screw up their config settings, they grind to a halt and work simply stops. Sure they can write code well enough, but what good is that when the same devs need to troubleshoot an app server issue at a client site.

Maybe I'm becoming more BOFH like the older I get, but is it really too much to expect anyone above software associate to know their way around simple systems administration tasks? Documentation is not difficult, writing an S.O.P for the IT support staff is even easier. Anyone calling themselves a developer that can't do this, or has a team to do this for them, well, I don't have that luxury and I'd bet that makes for a huge difference in salary, one person instead of 4 to do the same job.


Comment Re:Unionize (Score 5, Interesting) 630

Although I agree with the sentiment, as a former vicidial / polycom consultant in all cases where I had to log toilet breaks the underlying reason was always driven by the clients, not the call agent employers. The call centers would prefer to log nothing at all, but the clients pay good money for analysis of the dialler logging. Take a look at the contracts and you'll get an idea of how detailed these agreements are. It sucks, but that's where the pay check comes from. If you push back too hard there are a hundred more centers that could be up and running with the same product in a few days.

Comment Re:That this is patenteable AT ALL (Score 1) 214

The idea is not bad, but the patent most certainly is. Flip to silence, shake to silence, press any key to silence, hit the volume rocker to silence, etc., there are a myriad of real world implementations that have been around for probably about a decade already. The accelerometer based methods popped up within days after sale of the first handsets to have those sensors.

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