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Comment Re:American Red Cross - worst? (Score 1) 570

Having spent most of the 2000's working in and amongst charities directly, I'd say the Red Cross is just being (refreshingly) honest with their administrative costs.

The majority of charities I've encountered roll almost all admin costs in to their programs as a way of hiding the actual figures from casual view, be that from investors, donors, or for purposes of grant applications, or government bureaucracy. Creative accounting at its finest. Running a charity doesn't happen for free, the overheads are the same as for any other business.

I'd say most charities claiming to use less than 30% of income on admin are simply not being completely forthcoming.

Having said that, admin costs exist, they are a reality, charities live and die by their ability to manage these figures. It's a poor metric to base your donation on.

Comment Re:"A fix for the bug"? (Score 1) 140

If you are using Android and you are wondering which applications have access to your SMS content, phone ID, location, contact list, and so on, I'd suggest installing something like LBC Privacy Guard or Permissions Denied. If you find Carrier IQ reprehensible, you may wish to expand your horizons a little bit. I'd say the vast majority of applications in the market have permissions that simply aren't needed, more than a few make CIQ seem quite harmless.

Comment Re:Analytics for Mobiles (Score 1) 244

The customer is paying. Minimally you could assume this will only send out info when you have a data connection established. The payload is too large to make use of the signalling system (which is often saturated with SMS as it is) so it's either carrier data or wifi.

Comment Re:Windows Phone 7 is a good solution (Score 5, Informative) 478

Although I prefer Maemo since it seems to be the least soul sucking OS around, Android is also quite nice once you install a few odds and ends to clean up the advertising mess - though you need hardware that can be rooted. Applications like DroidGuard, AdAway, LBE Privacy Guard, or similar will put a halt to anything trying call home or get in your way.

Comment Re:WTF! (Score 2) 261

Being a former ELINT drone of many years I'd like to point out one aspect where you are quite wrong Lumpy - the C&C uplinks for near on every bird launched in the last 15 years are encrypted and use quite a few layers of security beyond that to authenticate command and control codes, particularly so for those owned and operated by the US. Not only that but pretty much all of them use entirely different line codes (for want of a better term) so it's not like there is a published standard methodology one can follow to 'own' one.

A little bit of education on the subject would certainly reveal that you can indeed beam a signal out to the Clark belt using cheap off the shelf kit these days, but there is no way in hell the average individual is going to pull this off without some serious know how and a lot of leg work to intercept and analyze the uplink.

I think you are confused between C&C and simply relaying a signal across a transponder, the latter having no security at all in just about every instance, the former being secure as hell in the majority.

Comment Re:fake it (Score 4, Informative) 260

Not at all. The effect jamming has on GPS is already well established and can be reliably reproduced in a lab/classroom environment - the receivers mostly just cease to work. Also nothing screams "I am exactly right here" quite like a jammer does, any half decent rack of ELINT gear will locate it within a very short space of time.

The parent is correct.

Comment Re:Code snippets are better (Score 1) 162

Search engines can suck too.

Since we're on the subject of shells, up until earlier this year with bash I could use environmental variables to navigate my way around; for example, ls $HOME/<tab> would show me a listing of everything in my home directory, now when you hit the tab it escapes the $ so you end up with \$HOME/ and the expected functionality that has been present for well over a decade no longer works - try searching for that little problem :-)

Search engines can be a pain in the backside just as much as video.

Comment Re:Frist post :( (Score 1) 338

Although I didn't see anything about ejecting in the link you posted, I thought they had to bail out from these aircraft manually?

In the upper image it looks like the pilots helmet very far forward in the cockpit. Not visible at all in the second image as pointed out in the text. If the pilot was incapacitated due to heart attack or some other health condition, the aircraft would have nosed down rather than pulling up in to a kind of barrel roll. Mechanical for sure.

Comment Re:Frist post :( (Score 1) 338

Although youtube seem to be deleting accounts that post the video, it is still available on sites like (formerly ogrish, but very toned down these days) so if it was the somewhat raw and uncensored version of life that you prefer, then it wont be going anywhere.

Comment Re:Uruguayan Air _Force_Flight_571 (Score 1) 95

I think you're being a little bit disingenuous here.

I'm not sure what kind of GPS application the iPhone or Android have by default, but every Nokia product I've owned since the N95 (and plenty of Garmin / Magellen units over the years) minimally have major cities and often major roads included by default. On the N900 I have about 9 different mapping applications installed, all of these can be used without cellular or wifi because they all have the ability to use maps that are stored on the file system. I'm pretty sure both the iPhone and Android would have this capability as well, either natively or via 3rd party program.

While you might set out on a journey haphazardly picking up your maps on the go, some of us actually make preparations in advance.

Comment Re:Proof! (Score 1) 396

You should actually read the links you post, there is no 'instantly' obtained answer, in this case the answers fit the point you are trying to make, but the first link you posted has some very rational and sound commentary that disagrees with your premise about warming on other planets - the jury is still out given the source arguments themselves actually say the weather on other planets is not well enough understood to know how much of an effect the sun has as opposed to internal warming and a myriad of other factors. After 22 paragraphs of that Feynman link I don't have the first clue how that relates to anything at all. For sure we need to be mindful of dissenting views - sometimes, but metaphysics and UFO's? Seriously.

Don't mod me down, just tell me why I am wrong to conclude this - I'd rather have an open mind and make my part of the world a little cleaner than to take a side when there just isn't enough data to conclude sides should probably even exist yet.

Comment Re:Graphics artifacts (Score 3) 70

There are a handful of different HUD modes, the one the harrier is using has been bouncing around like that for a few years now, so I guess it's an issue within flightgear itself rather than the flight model, OSG, or what have you. It only tends to happen when you are yawing around at a fairly low airspeed. It's particularly annoying in the helicopters at times.

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