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Comment Re:Databases (Score 1) 383

Who watches the watchers? The same people that like to tell us there are checks and balances in place to prevent domestic spying? What makes you believe every device has an audit trail - or that every login is recorded?

Think of it this way, if a system was created in the 90's or 00's (On, for example, Solaris, or various flavors of UNIX) and still works perfectly fine, would you replace it? Would you disable things like RSH? Harden NIS / NFS and friends - there's a very long list of exploitable software. Or would you just do your best on the technical side and simply trust that the people you give positive vetted TS security clearances to are not going to do what Snowden did?

It's entirely conceivable that the NSA truly has no clue what the man had access to, and maybe never will.

Comment Re: meeses (Score 2) 361

Perfect computer mouse balance - seriously? - for $100 I'd be wanting a triple ring laser intertial navigation unit built in for mousing through air or across rugged terrain. It'd also have to have some flavor of android running on it with its own touchscreen so I could get rid of the desktop and just mouse over the internet directly from the mouse. : )

Comment Re:Gallium = Sticky (Score 2) 115

In my day job I write medical imaging software, I'm not a radiologist though having seen tens of thousands of studies I think the image on the right was cherry picked. (Might be this immediately disqualifies my opinion, but something isn't right here : ) It almost looks like they didn't inject any iodine at all - The window levels are different, they both look like they came from different modalities with different slice thicknesses. The PDF has a lot of information about power levels, but no DICOM, no details about the imaging devices. It seems like a bit of an unfair comparison, certainly the gallium gives a more detailed result, but I'm not sure how useful that actually is over regular iodine.

This is how a more typical idoine image looks, some are more detailed, some worse, I guess my point is that you don't actually have any trouble seeing the iodine.

Comment Re:Fuck You, USA (Score 3, Interesting) 256

What else is there to say? I would start by telling your telecommunications carrier to encrypt every single SS7 link they own. Different keys on every channel, in every trunk, everywhere, all of them. That one act would be utterly blinding. This 'meta data' problem could be solved easily and permanently, there is just no incentive to do so when your arms are tied or there is money to be made.

Comment Re:one method (Score 4, Interesting) 319

In 3 letter agency circles the process is called "Traffic Analysis". Even if you use a prepaid SIM you toss away a few minutes later, the first time you reach out to anyone you've ever known, you cease to be unknown. Reach out to 3 or 4 people and it's game over, you're new identity is tossed in the same box as your old identity. Back to square one. The only way to hide from TA is to avoid exposure entirely. One person can keep a secret. Two people, not so much.

Comment Re:Use GPS (Score 3, Informative) 91

No need to turn up the sensitivity at all. SBIRS / STSS has been around since the 70's or 80's - these (optical / IR) satellites search for ballistic missile launches and track those already in progress. Wildfires and a myriad of other heat sources would logically be filtered out since they don't represent a military threat, certainly the NRO would whine about it exposing capability, but it seems to me that the USA already has this technology orbiting the earth already. These 3 letter agencies have taken a lot more than they've given back, maybe it's time to shift focus and put some of this hardware to better use.

Comment Re:Perhaps No Accident? (Score 1) 279

Lathes, CNC cutters, drills, milling machines, and so on, all of this stuff while a tad on the expensive side, is not out of reach. There are also untold numbers of machine shops around the place.

I think this entire incident is more about pure stupidity and lack of common sense. The tools exist for the common human and have done for centuries. The sky isn't falling.

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