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Comment Re:Surveillance (Score 4, Insightful) 212

As a former secret 3 letter agency drone I'd like to point out that the internet is the metaphorical iceberg. Time to loosen the tinfoil I think : ) Your 'probably' may (or may not) scale more appropriately as the tip of the tip of the iceberg. Some perspective; A single satellite can relay several thousand unique transmissions. A single piece of fiber can convey orders of magnitude more data again. How much data do we push around daily, not just via the internet, but all networks combined? The NSA has a finite budget, a finite number of people, finite capability, finite everything.

Comment Re:Convenience Store (Score 1) 131

I suspect the ATF can no longer get the data for free from anyone these days - particularly so now that Facebook has to please its shareholders. The days of government being able to stick their own hardware in the corner of the data center for free are probably over. Now they have to pay (probably a lot more), just like everyone else.

Comment Re:So, (Score 4, Informative) 112

Lots of apps latch on to a myriad of system events so they can relaunch themselves - some are fairly obscene in how they go about this.

One good solution is to install "Autorun Manager" - it allows you to disable the receivers on a per application basis. Once you kill something, it stays dead until you explicitly start it again.

Comment Re:Meh (Score 1) 259

After abandoning CDE, OLVWM, TWM, WindowMaker, AfterStep, and others back in the day for E16, aside from the eye candy there was nothing ever funky about it at all. It was in many ways like the transition between XP and Win7, a few odds and ends not quite how you like, but all in all a significantly better experience. It has been for me one of the most productive environments I've ever used. Virtual desktops, key mapping, sloppy mouse focus, what's not to like about it? E17 allows you to integrate compiz if that's your thing too.

Comment Re:Our way or the FLOSS way (Score 3, Interesting) 310

You have a source for your claim that the classic desktop is magnitudes more difficult to operate? From my purview, which is no different than yours, the world wants their old interface back, be that classic Gnome or Windows. A vast generalization, but the desktop PC creates, the future you imagine involves consumption and finding abstract buzzwords to describe the same old file system that'll be with us for a few more decades yet.

Get back to me when you have an AI agent that can facilitate writing code more accurately and faster than I can type it.

Comment Re:Inevitable (Score 1) 447

Ahh, I see what you did there good sir. Choices. Hand crafted analogue amplifier filled with the soft orange glow of a hundred valves, or a solid state device encased in an anodized alloy box lighting up the room with insanely bright blue LED's - both produce identical output. Which to pick... It appears that in your world one of these is a better choice, I think you are wrong though.

Comment Re:The War On Common Sense (Score 1) 167

As a motorbike rider it may have been useful way back when I first began, though without the ability to also indicate oil and diesel spills it's kind of a novelty, just some road eye candy.

You learn real early where the slippery stuff is so you look for it as a matter of routine.

Is this special paint also slippery in the wet (just like regular line markings) for the crowd on two wheels?

Comment Re:100% (Score 2) 586

I've been churning out Java, c++, c, and unfortunately PHP for more years than I can remember using only vi. With Java specifically, even on huge projects, I've yet to find an IDE that increases my productivity, just the opposite actually. What could be better than a dozen virtual desktops and an unlimited supply of teminals? :-) I like Java myself, never found it hell at all.

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