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Comment Hypocrites. Europe practices covert mind control. (Score 1) 132

European countries, USA, Canada, etc, are all practicing classified mind-control programs against their own citizens. The programs include abductions and non-consensual implants while the subjects are unconscious and unaware of what is happening. Google "targeted individuals," "gang stalking" or "synthetic telepathy" and see what you find. The only difference is that third-world dictators are way more obvious. The western countries are just far more subtle.

Comment Artificial Dreams Also Being Used for Torture (Score 1) 114

Many citizens of western countries have had their brains covertly implanted with advanced neurotechnology. A large number are reporting that they are being tortured remotely. Symptoms included artificially-induced dreams in addition to involuntary limb movement, pain center stimulation, voices and images inserted into their consciousness, and other forms of "experimentation." For more information, please see Sweet Dreams (Electronically Forced Into Your Brain Wirelessly)

Comment Cell patents bad, but brain implants ok ?! (Score 0) 84

This seems like a good thing on the surface, but the EU is now a bloc where people in most of the countries are getting their brains implanted left and right for non-consensual human monitoring and control purposes. The victims usually think they are "human research subjects" but more often than not, it seems like a means of high-tech political control of human populations. So it's nice to see a ruling where cells cannot be patented (if that is indeed what this is about) but where is the outrage over using other technologies that effectively allow humans to be owned directly, without their cells being patented? Just an open question.

Comment Same tech lets government control YOUR limbs (Score -1, Troll) 70

I hate to be a spoil-sport, but this same technology is already being implanted in people EN MASSE in all western countries without their knowledge or consent. It's neurotechnology in your brain and it lets a remote operator control your REAL limbs and nervous system functions from a computer terminal. They can also put thoughts, images and sound into your mind, and read your natural ones. It's not science fiction, it's really happening now and it is being done for political control of populations, not just to help those poor paraplegics.

Comment Covert Implantation of Radiotelepathy Neurotech (Score 1) 49

The current state of implantable neurotechnology is far more advanced than this story. The good stuff is not in the public sphere at all. Total remote control of the human mind and body via wireless link is where the real neurotechnology is at now. It's being deployed against unwitting subjects without their knowledge or consent. For more information check out this research material:

Comment It's being done to people without consent (Score 1) 82

The interesting thing about this cutting-edge technology is that in many cases it is being tested on people who are not even aware that they are subjects of experimentation. And when they become aware, the subject will often complain and their statements can be matched to mental illness definitions so that psychiatric laws can be used to deprive them of their civil rights, helping to bring them even further under control. If you give a damn, check out

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