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Comment Re:Flexible wages? (Score 1) 623

But, the way these layoffs (excuse me, "resource actions") are done is completely in the dark. Employees of these companies are not happy to be laid off, and the companies do them no service to make the survivors "nervice". If one is on a firing line and the two people on my left and right sides are shot and killed by Mr./Ms. CEO, should I feel greatful?!?!? Yep, I would be "nervous", but unfortunately that is completely abusive. Way to motivate -- terror, fear, uncertainty, and doubt. For the record, no one "deserves" a job, but there is no reason to play this insanely depraved version of "Survivor: Kampuchea".

Comment Re:Flexible wages? (Score 1) 623

Tablizer, that is way too progressive and cool. Besides, I think that execs have more fun turning their companies in abbatoirs than encourage such noxious things as fairness, humanity, and so forth. And, their Wall Street buddies need to know that Sam and the gang still have the stones to play with them at the golf club.

Comment Re:WTF is up with IBM? (Score 1) 623

Slightly off-topic, but the economny in New England -- esp. the tech market has been declining for over a decade. The financial sector consolidations moved all of the banking jobs out, and now acquisitions (such as IBM's purchases of Informix, Rational, Lotus, Cognos, Ascential, etc.) have moved even more good jobs out of the area. One thing to consider (if it is a personal option) is to consider relocating to a place with jobs, a sociopolitical culture you like, and a lower cost of living. I lived in Boston 20 years and relocated to the Chicago area several years ago, sick and tired of the high housing costs and unpredictable economics, and left it all behind for greener pastures (no pun intendend).

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