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Comment Re:Points 4. and 5... (Score 1) 227

It does nothing (yes, nothing) to enhance security

It may enhance your luck. Sometimes exploits are found and there's some time between the discovery of the vulnerability and you fixing your system. In that time it could be that the only attack that will be attempted on your system will be an untargeted one by someone who's just quickly sweeping the whole internet on the standard port for as many machines to root as quickly as possible.

Comment Re:Points 4. and 5... (Score 1) 227

Serious question to all: Do people still use the default port for SSH anymore? I never have, as once we went from telnet to ssh (over a decade ago...) we just always used a non-standard port. Makes my logs a lot easier to read.

Yes, I run it on the default port, as does everyone else I personally know. How does running it on a non-standard port make your logs easier to read?

Comment Re:Many regular people own MSFT (Score 1) 521

How hard is it to learn LaTeX, anyway?

Extremely, as soon as your boss/customer/instructor asks you to make some silly change to the document formatting that LaTeX and/or the template wasn't designed to make easy. I gave LaTeX a try and it didn't take long for it to become incredibly hard to use in those cases.

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