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Comment Re:Livescribe (Score 1) 300

Seconded. I am not a conference pro, maybe 1-2 per year, so I could be wrong. You will probably get the pen and paper for 'free.' Just a thought or two.

Everyone that needs to justify owning an iPad/organizer can try to use it for keeping notes but it is a major distraction.
Before recording you should ask permission?
Take pictures of the notes if you don't want to deal with the paper.

Comment Re:I use BackupPC (Score 1) 304

I also use BackupPC for about 300 desktops and servers. Mostly just desktops. It has made me look good several times over the past seven years. At most sites we back up the entire drive, windows folder and all. The servers get disk-disk-tape with a full tape archive every weekend. Databases and critical files with robocopy. Tape with IBM TL2000 LTO tape libraries. Tapes go off site. Disk-Disk is at least one building away. I could spend an hour explaining the various home and work backups that I have in use right now but don't have the time. So will just toss in my 'me to' for BackupPC.

Comment Re:Just waiting for this to all end... (Score 1) 617

There are lots of reasons to get the iPad. There are more reasons to go with a Droid. But it depends what you want to do and you only listed one requirement.
Personally I have tried it all, being the IT man here I am expected to make recommendations. I also make all the purchasing decisions for 300 users.

If you want to do work get a laptop. The Thinkpad X120e is excellent. If you go to meetings (no real computer type work) and are a consumer, get an iPad. If you need to do work get a Windows7 computer like the X120e. I don't see a fit for a droid tablet yet. I have the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the HTC Evo 4G. The Evo is better, but larger. Also have to carry a spare battery for the Evo. Currently I carry the Galaxy S2. I use the iPad for flying, as in weekend warrior pilot, and at home as a consumer. I use the X120e for work at home and business. I use the Galaxy S2 as a phone and multi media device for music, video, and still camera.

Comment Re:Keep a spare blank drive around (Score 1) 414

The asker explicitly excludes cloud solutions. It's depressing that people have recommended various cloud solutions nonetheless. Apart from not being answers to the question, these solutions are totally awful for large quantities of data. Amazon S3 may be nearly free if you want to store a few gigabytes, but if you want to store a few terabytes you are going to pay through the nose, and all the other service providers are the same. 2Tb would cost $234 per month just for storage, transfer cost not included. For the price of two weeks of S3 storage you can buy a 2Tb external disk. For the price of upload, download and a month's storage, you can buy four or five such disks and have as much redundancy as any normal person could ever need.

What will be depressing is when you loose all of your stuff. It will happen. I wouldn't want to suggest paying a hosting service for risk of depressing you further. So I will leave everyone else with this story.
Last week someone I know watched the house across the street burn down. According to the story the fire started at 3am with a lightning strike. There was a big hole blown in the roof by the strike. My friend tells me that the couple had time to get out with the dog. They lost everything but their lives.

If they had put up their important files, photos etc on a hosted site they could get back on their feet much more quickly.

In the past I have spent thousands on everything from a full blown Netfinity server with raid5 to a big pile of 3.5" disks. Sure you can get a 1TB USB drive, back up your stuff and put it in the fire safe. But it is expensive in time, hardware, and electricity.

I pay (insert company) $20 bucks a year to host my important stuff, use (a different company) for nightly automated backups, and the rest in on the local hard drive. I am not recommending any particular solution. If you don't have an off site backup that is current you might as well not bother.

Comment Re:News... (Score 1, Interesting) 617

Last time I posted and mentioned that Slashdot was going down hill my karma took a hit. So what the hell. Here is the said story.

Since I lost my original TXH1138 account and wasn't allowed to have it back, I guess someone figured out the significance and didn't want to upset George, I have seen things drop to the lowest common denominator. I don't have an axe to grind here and am not holding a grudge. It is a legitimate gripe. The slashdot is so far behind the curve that I would rather spend my effort on Spiceworks and Reddit helping people.

Of course I am old and you should all stay the hell off my lawn etc. If anyone has a replacement for this site please do tell. I will read at -1.

Comment Re:Why not stick to real risks? (Score 1) 154

You are correct Dan. Is that SSN-667? Anyhow we spent most of the nineties going from centralized to distributed computing. Mainframe/Cloud downtime can cost thousands per hour. So now some marketing people want us to centralize again. This is nutz! Distributed is the way to go. When the SHTF people can still work and that is what matters.

Comment Re:Remove all 2.45 GHz emitting devices (Score 1) 365

Seems like the local IT would rise up in opposition. I would not expect the school IT to take much of a political stand for fear of job security. But just on the technical merits alone I could make a case that everything with a moving electron is a potential source of harm to humans.

Comment Re:Remove all 2.4 GHz emitting devices (Score 1) 365

If you ask me, these computers are all giving us cancer too... of course, the corporatist plutocrats don't want you to know that.

Back to pencils and paper in the classroom, if it were up to me...

I think the old style chalk board is very bad for the lungs. Has the dust from cleaning erasers and general use caused lung problems? You know it has.

Comment Hit piece (Score 0, Offtopic) 722

Looks like a hit piece from Slashdotters that are loosing the techies to the Reddies. Slashdot rarely has an interesting discussion about tech and when it does there are many politico non-techs. The poor moderation just makes it less tolerable.
I have been in IT for 30 working years. I want to talk/read tech and maybe have some politics thrown into the mix. I have spent much more time commenting and voting on Reddit in three months than I have the past 14 years on Slashdot.

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