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Comment Re:Remove all 2.45 GHz emitting devices (Score 1) 365

Seems like the local IT would rise up in opposition. I would not expect the school IT to take much of a political stand for fear of job security. But just on the technical merits alone I could make a case that everything with a moving electron is a potential source of harm to humans.

Comment Re:Remove all 2.4 GHz emitting devices (Score 1) 365

If you ask me, these computers are all giving us cancer too... of course, the corporatist plutocrats don't want you to know that.

Back to pencils and paper in the classroom, if it were up to me...

I think the old style chalk board is very bad for the lungs. Has the dust from cleaning erasers and general use caused lung problems? You know it has.

Comment Hit piece (Score 0, Offtopic) 722

Looks like a hit piece from Slashdotters that are loosing the techies to the Reddies. Slashdot rarely has an interesting discussion about tech and when it does there are many politico non-techs. The poor moderation just makes it less tolerable.
I have been in IT for 30 working years. I want to talk/read tech and maybe have some politics thrown into the mix. I have spent much more time commenting and voting on Reddit in three months than I have the past 14 years on Slashdot.

Comment Track record (Score 2) 133

If this 'app' goes the way of the other FBI IT projects then we have no worries.

2001 Projected started just after 911. ... 2009 The FBI is years behind and millions over budget
2010 The FBI is $100 million over budget on the ... only half of the project's four-phase development had been completed
2011 The FBI's upgrade of its computerized case file system has hit another snag

Comment Re:Seems to me that the approach is all wrong (Score 1) 267

Back in the old days this was called protectionism. The weaklings of business protect themselves with laws that punish everyone else, especially the competition. These people are typically bullies that cannot make it on their own. There product is defective but not so much that they fail outright. So they hire a Chris Dodd and get a few laws passed. Right now free speech is at risk. These bullies will not be deterred. Eternal vigilance is required.

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