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Comment 1 laptop on the connection? (Score 1) 359

What I find most telling about the article is that they tested the connection using a single consumer grade article.

I'm techy enough to be on /., but I don't spend too much time at home living in a high-tech wonderland. However, on the network at home we have the following devices:

5 iPhones (view 2 wireless APs)
4 laptops
1 desktop
2 XBoxes with live
Roku box

All those devices stream media from the internet, play games on the internet, etc. That one single laptop can't handle the connection is fine, but as a household between myself, my wife, and kids, we do cumulatively use a lot of media. Have kept our unlimited data plans for the iPhone, my son has peaked at 8Gb in one month of data usage over 3G. That's on a single phone.

Between video chat, games, working remotely and streaming a desktop session, netflix, hulu, amazon video, etc there is a huge amount of bandwidth required at home. I find that Verizon FiOS does a great job. I can't stand the company, but the product is top notch.

Yes, I'd love more bandwidth at home, just treating a home network connection as a single device is rediculous. I want everything in the house to be networked, and controllable.

Comment Re:Good PR for Linux in the tech world... (Score 1) 113

I would advise you to take a harder look; whole universities, companies and public sectors of entire states have been using Linux for years now.

Yes, and we have a 5 figure number of linux servers, but who wants to enter those details into this site? Who would allow us? And, their sendmail script, running on all those machines? Not a chance.

None of the major users of linux will want to waste their time with this. This is really for retentive power users who want to show off their linux usage. I know, I've been getting the annual email for years, it still lists my first machine from 10 years ago on there. Well, it did until I finally updated the list properly this year.

But, really, this is about people showing off their personal machines, nothing more. I don't see how the stats can possibly be accurate.

Comment Complaining about wrong thing here? (Score 4, Insightful) 898

Is it possible that people are complaining about the wrong thing here? Sure, the discussion about whether to run or not is interesting, but how about whether people should have been informed or not?

Given that there were memos sent to numerous organisations, and yet the information was not disseminated at the will of Obama, isn't there a more pressing question here?

Like, why would the president want to scare the crap out of southern manhattan? It's not a huge stretch to assume that flying a 747 low over Manhattan would scare people...

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