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Comment Re:Please Leave the Gun Rights Debate Out Of This (Score 1) 159

The difference compared to the US is that in Switzerland, all those guns are kept at home by people who have been trained and serve(d) in the military

The guy (dead now) who shot up the Navy Yard had previously been in the military. And all he needed was a simple shotgun. The sort of thing that VP Biden says is exactly what people should own for hunting and self defense. He used that simple shotgun to shoot a military guard and gain access to that guard's handgun. He came across the rifle inside the Yard, said the Washington Post.

And no, just about nobody can buy an assault rifle. Do you mean a semi-auto rifle no different than every rancher uses to kill varmints in his cow pasture, only also equipped with black plastic parts that make no difference in lethality, but which make it look scarier to uninformed soccer moms?

Comment Oooh, wait, do-over! (Score 1) 314

Well if they're monitoring all that shit, maybe you should just complain to THEM when Paypal freezes your account! "Hey guys, you have my entire payment history! Tell those guys to cough up my cash!"

Yup, pretty sure I'm going to end up in a dark room somewhere with *cough* Freedom cables hooked up to my testicles.

Comment I don't have a problem with this (Score 4, Insightful) 617

I'd rather drop $10 in an online tip jar of a band in Japan or Kenya than give it to some parasitical US music studio that will take the lion's share of the money for itself and use it to pursue a piracy jihad against its users if its profits don't make their numbers for the quarter. Sure a lot of those garage bands are complete crap, but at least they're doing it for the love of music. And even if their delivery is imperfect, sometimes their artistic vision more than makes up for their musical talents. So go ahead and kill the "professional music business." I'm sure we'll all have fun dancing on its grave, to music it would never have been able to imagine.

Comment Secret Nazi Weapon (Score 1) 272

Holocaust deniers keep prattling on about how hard it would be to incinerate 6 million Jews. They full of sh*t because, as Nazis, Holocaust deniers know about the secret Nazi weapon that could vaporize entire cities and boil oceans. With such a super Nazi death ray it was a sinch to vaporize millions of human bodies.

Comment Mass Media == Mass Hysteria (Score 1) 373

We've been suffering from mass hysteria ever since Hollywood got distribution channels into every hamlet in the country. What would be surprising is if people didn't go really hysterical once they started getting a little freedom and started thinking for themselves about how they've been manipulated for over a century.

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