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Comment Just use a picture (Score 1) 169

Rather than using a map, just have the user upload a picture.

You're killing two birds with one stone. First, the user is being shown something to confirm that this is indeed the site they think it is (think: sitekey or the like). Second, they can pick some incredibly detailed point without all the hassle of licensing someone else's data.

All that, and this is still a pretty stupid idea. You have all the same problems with password: users don't want a long one, users want to pick the same one for multiple sites, users tell the wrong people who their passwords are (though, now with more difficult language). All that, plus it's now multiple clicks, pans and zooms to enter your "password", and if the satellite data updates you're screwed.

Comment Crowdspring (Score 2, Interesting) 569

I've run a few projects through crowdspring. I try to be really responsive with submissions, I've seen designs go from "meh" to "completely fantastic" with only a few revisions.

Looking at my history, the people who I seem to pick seem to win a decent percentage of the time.

For larger projects, or projects where the stakes are simply larger, I'd want to build a relationship with a designer, or design house, rather than go through something like this.

Comment Re:The Way I see it (Score 1) 32

I don't understand how this works legally.

If they're willing to admit that a bug existed that resulted in a payout being offered when it shouldn't, it seems equally probable that a bug exists where a payout should have been offered, but wasn't. As usual, the casino Wins!

At least if they were forced to pay out on all presented wins, things would hopefully work out (assuming all bugs are equally probable). As it stands, they're just making a killing.

Comment Don't shut it off! (Score 4, Insightful) 250

The person currently able to login to the Amazon account claims to have purchased lost the device.

Amazon doesn't know if he's sold it, given it away
Amazon doesn't know if someone else logged into his account (ex-partner/significant other?)
Amazon doesn't know if the device was repossessed by a credit card company.

Amazon doesn't have anywhere near enough information to start bricking, or reporting on the location of devices.

Comment Single Player (Score 5, Interesting) 520

I love playing games with friends in person, have a few people over and play.

Online, this has less draw for me. In a FPS I get my ass kicked. In WoW I gave up, I was spending more time LFG than actually going through dungeons. When my ideal gaming session is less than an hour, upper levels just got impossible if I didn't want to grind slowly through random encounters and skip quests.

Diablo 3 seems to have a heavy focus on the multi-player, Starcraft 2 campaigns look great, but all eyes (and in fact the release date) seem to be set on how is doing.

Is single player dead? or at least dead at blizzard.

Comment Dreamweaver (Score 4, Interesting) 221

Adobe did a demo of their next Dreamweaver release last fall at their Adobe Max conference. Similar feature there, except a bit better. Using a render farm your page is rendered in pretty much every browser, on each OS (rather than just what you have installed), including the "Onion Skin" feature shown in Expression Web. They even used the same name for the feature.

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