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Comment Re:let's see DRM, high cost of HDD's get in the wa (Score 2) 371

Is there a good option (for mac preferably) that will rip a DVD after looking it up in some database (like CDDB) to get the names and indexing information correct. Ripping is easy enough, but I'm tired of choosing all the chapters for each episode when ripping season 3 of whatever. The last time I let RipIt have a go at a DVD I ended up with Battlestar Galactica disc 2 starting half way through the third episode.

Comment Re:Dump your own (Score 1) 361

I might just wimp out.

I mentioned i'm interested in Rampage, I have no doubt I'll be able to find the arcade rom for it. eBay is more than happy to sell me a SNES cart of the same game. So I'll balance my ROM downloads with cartridge purchases. No, they're not quite the same, but it's close.


Submission + - Where can I buy ROMs? 1

PktLoss writes: "I'm interested in building an arcade machine, following the footsteps of Cmdr Taco amongst many others. Not being all that interested in piracy, I need to find somewhere to buy games. Starroms used to be the kind of thing I was looking for, though with an incredibly short catalog. The MAME people have a few available for free (non-commercial), but this isn't going to sate my needs.

There's an entire cottage industry supporting this goal. People are ready to sell me plans, kits, buttons, joy sticks, glass marquees, and entire machines. That's fantastic, but where can I get the games? I refuse to believe that this entire industry is built on piracy."

Submission + - HD transfer of Star Trek: TNG to arrive this year (

psychonaut writes: "Digital Bits have confirmed through sources at CBS Paramount that CBS are working on a high-definition transfer of Star Trek: The Next Generation. A four-episode Blu-Ray sampler disc is to be released later this year; the episodes featured will be the two-part pilot "Encounter at Farpoint", "Sins of the Father", and fan favourite "The Inner Light". On 2 September, LeVar Burton tweeted that he had stopped by CBS Paramount Television City to check the progress and was "mindblown" by the conversion. TrekCore has an article with further details and an analysis of some of the technical hurdles involved in remastering these episodes."

Submission + - Kepler Discovers "Phantom" Exoplanet (

astroengine writes: "The Kepler space telescope has spotted an extra-solar planet with a very odd orbit. Sometimes Kepler-19b slows down by five minutes during its 9 day orbit. Other times it speeds up by five minutes. Johannes Kelper's laws of orbital dynamics never said a celestial body can arbitrarily speed up and slow down; another planetary body must therefore be gravitationally acting on Kepler-19b.

Enter Kepler-19c, a world that hasn't been observed, but its gravitational effects have. This is an unprecedented discovery, one that could potentially be used in multi-planetary star systems to discover more "phantom" worlds that would have otherwise gone unnoticed."

Comment privacy (Score 4, Insightful) 570

The thing that bothers me most about the TSA responding to issues is the privacy of the people going through screening. I feel like the entire process should be treated as confidential, the number of people in the party, wether or not they had a stroller, what set off what alarm, how old the child was, etc. I don't feel like the TSA should be sharing that information publicly.


Submission + - Miles/Millisecond: Comparing ping time to distance (

PktLoss writes: What do you do when you've got a lot of servers and a splash of curiosity? You make them all ping each other (then re-write that script so it doesn't take 10 hours) then map that against the physical distance between servers. What you come up with is some pretty charts, and connections that hit 70% the speed of light.

Submission + - Gov app detects potholes as your drive over them (

An anonymous reader writes: The City of Boston has released an app uses the accelerometer in your smartphone to automatically report bumps in the road as you drive over them. I am certain that this will not be used to track your movements, unless they are vertical.

Submission + - A new file format that you can't print (

Squiff writes: The WWF have published a new file format, predictably with the extension .wwf that is (quote) 'a PDF that cannot be printed out. It's a simple way to avoid unnecessary printing' ( Some ( think that that this is more WTF than WWF and smacks of a different trio of letters- DRM- commenting that 'Predictably, the print industry is not remotely pleased.'. Some simply might not be able to comment at this point since the software is only provided for Windows and OS X. One might suppose that in the event that this did catch on, it would soon be followed by a burst of popularity for wwf editing and printing software. No mention of licensing in the FAQ....

Submission + - Cisco Linksys routers still don't support IPv6 (

Julie188 writes: It's 2011, IPv4 addresses are officially exhausted, and the world's largest router maker, Cisco, still doesn't support IPv6 in its best-selling line of Linksys wireless routers. This is true even for the new E4200 router released just last month (priced at $180). The company has promised to add IPv6 to the E4200 by the spring. But it has not been specific about if and how it will offer an IPv6 upgrade to the millions of other Linksys routers currently running in homes and small businesses.

Comment Just use a picture (Score 1) 169

Rather than using a map, just have the user upload a picture.

You're killing two birds with one stone. First, the user is being shown something to confirm that this is indeed the site they think it is (think: sitekey or the like). Second, they can pick some incredibly detailed point without all the hassle of licensing someone else's data.

All that, and this is still a pretty stupid idea. You have all the same problems with password: users don't want a long one, users want to pick the same one for multiple sites, users tell the wrong people who their passwords are (though, now with more difficult language). All that, plus it's now multiple clicks, pans and zooms to enter your "password", and if the satellite data updates you're screwed.

Comment Crowdspring (Score 2, Interesting) 569

I've run a few projects through crowdspring. I try to be really responsive with submissions, I've seen designs go from "meh" to "completely fantastic" with only a few revisions.

Looking at my history, the people who I seem to pick seem to win a decent percentage of the time.

For larger projects, or projects where the stakes are simply larger, I'd want to build a relationship with a designer, or design house, rather than go through something like this.

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