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Comment Re:I said "Government owns everything" (Score 1) 873

You can't have your cake and eat it too by saying that whenever the government caves to pro-free market ideologies that it's both government's fault for listening and a sign that the government should have never been there in the first place.

Actually what I'm saying here is Government is filled with the same flawed people that inhabit corporations. It is not immune to the same rot that affects everything else. Hence the whole "largest Gov't in history presiding over the largest and most expensive regulatory failure ever" thing. In a lot of ways rot is worse in Government because there are *way* more tools to hide, silence via intimidation, or outright criminalize any reform.

It's only cheaper because people can externalize the costs and sweep them under the rug.

I'll agree that there are a lot of costs that get externalized. However, those are usually offset by the externalized gains that nobody talks about. Take your mining example. Those metals produced a benefit to society far above their cost to produce in terms of jobs, technology and whatnot that would not have existed without putting shovel to dirt. The calculation isn't all that straight forward. Should the guy that improves the value of his property demand a cut of the appreciation of the property of his neighbors? Absurd notion, but why then should the reverse be true?

However, what is happening on Wall St. isn't externalized costs. It is outright fraud on a massive scale, the cost of which is being redirected to the taxpayers by government. The same government supposedly charged with preventing said fraud. You'll forgive me if I don't have quite the same faith in regulation as a cure all. Prison is the most regulated population on the planet, yet people still get ass-raped daily.

Comment Re:I said "Government owns everything" (Score 1) 873

Had there been proper, government-mandated oversight, people would have realized just how toxic these financial structures were.

There was government mandated oversight, and it looked the other way (go along to get along) or was lobbied into the trash bin (Glass-Steagall Act/regulatory capture). Just because it is Government, doesn't make it any less susceptible to the influences of greed, fear, and corruption.

The same nightmare scenerio of con-men cheating grandma out of her life savings is happening right now. Even with the largest and most expensive government in history.

The free market isn't panacea. However if we are going to end up in the same place, it has the benefit of being VASTLY cheaper. It is also the only thing on the list of isms to have never actually been tried.


Submission + - Big Virus Outbreak Today - 60 Times Normal Levels

An anonymous reader writes: Postini which processes more than 2 billion messages a day, is tracking a massive virus outbreak today that is set to be the largest attack on email in more than a year. Initial reports from Postini's global data centers indicate that today's attacks have driven virus levels 60 times higher than average daily levels on the Internet. Today's attack includes two variants. Emails with "love" related subject lines and an executable attachment that contains a Trojan virus, and emails with Worm Alert! in the headline containing an attached .zip file with an infected payload. Earlier in the week a similar attack took place with the subject lines focused on "missile attacks" starting World War III. These attacks are all variations of the same malware family as the "Storm Worm" attacks that plagued Email users around the world earlier in the year. When a user clicks on the attached executable, a rootkit is installed that attempts to hide its presence from virus scans as well as disable existing anti-virus applications. Then it will connect to a peer-to-peer network where it can upload data including personal information from the infected computer as well as download additional malware. The infected computer then becomes a bot-net zombie that can be used to send spam and issue other attacks. At the same time that it is connecting to the P2P network, the virus will search the computer's hard drive for email addresses and begin replicating itself by sending emails to the addresses that it finds. These attacks make this the most active week for Internet email attacks in more than a year.

Feed Chandra Sees Remarkable Eclipse Of Black Hole (

A remarkable eclipse of a supermassive black hole and the hot gas disk around it has been observed with NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory. This eclipse has allowed two key predictions about the effects of supermassive black holes to be tested.

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