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Comment If you don't want to come across as a (Score 1) 848

delusional asshole, spare us the projection.

don't demonize them as neo-Holocaust deniers

Get fucked. The only people talking about the Holocaust are denialists trying to deflect the issue by playing the victim, when the only making that connection are your fellow climate change denailsits.

This is the same bullshit that the Teabaggers pull by whining about homophobic insults. Those guys can get fucked, too, because everyone knows they are mocked for railing that government keep its hands off it's Medicare, while putting on stupid costumes on issues they never cared about when Bush was in office.

Climate change denialists are called denialists because they repeatedly ignore science in favor of their own fact-free ideology.

Not because anyone is trying them to the Holocaust, so spare us this bullshit misdirection.

Comment Re:Pathetic. (Score 1) 841

The wars, bailouts, and trashing the Constitution are supported by Obama and the Democrats

You say that like it makes a difference or something.

and are therefore a case of supporting government power by a left-leaning establishment

On what planet are Obama and his lapdogs in Congress "left-leaning"? They engage in wars, bailouts, and Constitution-trashing because they're all a bunch of freaking right-wingers, just like Obama's predecessor.

Cuz it's not like you would call gun control a conservative issue just because it's backed by Republicans like Mike Bloomberg, now would you? Party labels don't mean shit - it's actions that count.

Comment Re:fuck you iceland. (Score 1) 684

There are jobs out there...just maybe some that people think are beneath them.

Having a hard time with "there are millions more unemployed than there are job openings"?

Sorry, I don't buy it

Of course. Because, as I said, you're a conservative, and facts like a depressed economy and corporations sitting on hundreds of billions in cash rather than hire workers need not enter your storyline. Similar to how climate change is really a conspiracy of Al Gore, nevermind the last 20 years of rising temperatures, or how single payer doesn't actually provide better care for less money.

All anyone needs is the willingness to work and tough it for awhile, but you can work and earn in ways that don't require you to take your clothes off.

And when you and two hundred other people turn up for the same 6 open positions at a nearby warehouse? There aren't enough freaking jobs out there. If there were, you wouldn't have a steady 14% U6 unemployment rate. But, I guess if we don't keep clapping our hands for these magical jobs to drop out of the sky, the Randian Tinkerbell will die.

Comment Re:Unlikely to be discontinued altogether (Score 1) 371

Because Mac Pros are a niche that doesn't sell that many units. As such they haven't done a redesign in a long time.


1. Everything not iOS is now a "niche product" for Apple
2. The even more niche Mac Mini will have had USB 3 and Thunderbolt for the better part of a year before the Mac Pro will finally have them
3. Maybe the reason Apple doesn't move so many Mac Pros is that it is outdated and overpriced
4. Apple is foolish to let it's pro offering wither when that user base has saved them in the past

Between killing XServer, the ossification of the Mac Pro, and treating Final Cut as redheaded stepchild, Apple hasn't been showing much love for their pro users for over two years now. Sure sure, most of their money comes from the iOS ecosystem, but Apple is letting it's competitors take it's lunch the way Apple once did it to Premier.

Comment Re:Pathetic. (Score 1) 841

Establishment frequently errors on the side of government power, which is why there is sometimes a seeming left-leaning bias.

In supporting the wars, the bailouts, or the trashing the Constitution?

But it's purely an accident of the fact that the left has been trying to use control over government for the past few decades to try to force people to act more like the left thinks they ought to.

Oh, I see now, you're a Randian. Yes, because you should be free to dump toxic waste into rivers and sell fraudulent products without any government oversight...

Comment Re:Pathetic. (Score 1) 841

And they race sports cars against people on bicycles and bobsleds. Play conkers with caravans. Build their own boat-cars. And launch rocket powered cars off of ski lifts...

And a car running out of gas (or in this case batteries) is...not such an obviously absurd scenario. If Top Gear were bitching that the Tesla didn't have the same towing capacity as an F-250, I doubt Musk would have been pissed.

Comment Re:fuck you iceland. (Score 1, Flamebait) 684

I don't buy the premise that any women can't go out and find legal work to make money to pay the bills.

Well, that's the nice thing about being a conservative: details like there being six unemployed people for every open job need not enter your storyline. Or McJob wages not coming close to making rent, much less rent + student loan payments.

Comment Re:Summary is Misleading (Score 2) 105

Wait. You typed this:

In short, there is valid reasons for this action to have been taken. Imagine, if you will, that a chemical was being voted for APPROVAL, instead of being banned. Imagine further that a researcher who did all the studies about safety on this chemical sat on and chaired the approval committee. Would we want that to be allowed? Wouldn't people be screaming about that pretty loudly?

And this:

The American Chemical Council has no particular dog in this fight. Flame retardant is simply one of thousands of chemicals covered by this organization which has members in hundreds of different companies.

In the same breath? With a straight face?

Comment Re:Shouldn't have had the mandate... (Score 1) 419

Like 99.9% of government laws and regulations, we never should have had a mandate of ethanol in gas

Because you want more arsenic in your drinking water and more lead paint on your children's toys? Why don't you Randians make an MMO, 'Going Galt', so you can enact out your economic fantasies there and stop endangering the rest of us with your stupid bullshit.

Comment Re:End the boondoggle (Score 1) 419

I thought the Republicans were against socialism. I can thing of no greater example of socialism than farm subsidies.

Republican Socialism: socialized cost/risk, privatized profit. See: military-industrial-complex, bank bailouts, farm subsidies...

Whereas with real socialism, society benefits, as opposed to a handful of individuals. It's not farm hands driving those new trucks and living in McManshions.

Comment Just projection (Score 3, Insightful) 413

So now it is to them, regardless of any facts. They haven't actually used it to any significant degree, if at all, they just hate on it because they think they are supposed to hate it.

Or...they have used it, or have seen the qualitative and/or qualitative reviews showing just why Windows 8 is a piece of shit. How it's not internally consistent, how mundane tasks are now hidden behind multiple layers of obscurity, and generally user hostile.

But let's pretend a spade isn't a spade, and that it's all just a bunch of Haterz whining on the Intertubes. Were you pushing the same storyline when Windows ME was released? How about Bob?

Comment The Peculiar Dumbfuckery of Concern Trolls (Score 1) 266

On one hand, WikiLeaks created "a transparency mechanism to hold governments and corporations to account" when nobody else could or would. On the other hand, WikiLeaks itself was 'guilty of the same obfuscation and misinformation as those it sought to expose, while its supporters are expected to follow, unquestioningly, in blinkered, cultish devotion.'

There is zero hypocrisy in valuing personal privacy while wanting transparency in government, and only dumbfucking concern trolls would claim otherwise.

Case in point: let's say Barack Obama gets his jollies off when Michelle spanks him while wearing a Nixon mask. I don't need or want to know that information, as it's NMFB. And Obama would not be a hypocrite for wanting to keep that private, he's a hypocrite for blocking more FOIA requests than Bush after promising transparency in government.

WikiLeaks itself was 'guilty of the same obfuscation and misinformation

Are they using secrecy to coverup massive lawbreaking and corruption on their part? No? Then what the fuck are you talkin bout, Willis? Right now, the only people who have gone to jail for Bush's warrantless wiretapping and torture programs is the whisteblowers who revealed them. Unless Wikileaks is pulling that kind of shit - like say if the currently less-than-credible rape allegations against Assange are true and Wikileaks has spent money to cover it up - then you can blow this false equivalency right up your ass, concern troll.

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