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Comment Why has nobody suggested UDF? (Score 1) 484

FAT32: no POSIX metadata, 4GB file size limit is deadly. It's inefficient, and generally outdated and nasty.

NTFS: proprietary, sometimes complicated to get on Linux, hard to get on OSX.

ext*: bad-to-none support on non-Linux. IIRC, neither the Windows nor OSX drivers support journaling, for example.

HFS+: about the same boat as ext*, if you swap "Linux" and "OSX".

UDF: reasonably efficient, support for basic metadata (POSIX, though no EAs or forks), full support on Linux 2.6, OSX 10.5, Windows Vista/7, or (with third-party utils)

Comment Re:Another reason not to go Verizon! (Score 2, Interesting) 510

argue my way up the manager food chain

What you fail to understand is that the customer-accessible part of the manager food chain in the vast majority of companies is approximately two people tall: CSR and supervisor. (Depending on the company and nature of question, you may be able to get to tier2 support; hence the "approximately".)

You will have better luck...

  • Just calling back. Virgin Mobile's policies used to differ depending on which call center your call got routed to, but even in less extreme cases, some reps are nicer than others.
  • Turboing. In particular, some companies have started to have "Executive Support" hotlines (Sprint comes to mind.) Save these for a last resort. GetHuman is also useful.
  • Moving horizontally. Try web order support, activations, billing, customer service, terminations, etc.
  • Being nice instead of nasty.
  • Writing. Yes, seriously. I've resolved many issues just by sending the entity in question a nastygram. People still take snail-mail seriously.

Comment Re:Do you hear me now?? (Score 1) 510

Let me elaborate a bit on a previous comment.

T-Mobile's ETF is $200. They can't offer you a subsidy of significantly more than $200, because then it would be to your advantage to buy a phone, cancel your contract, and sell the phone for a profit. Contract lengths are two years. Amortized over 2 years, by taking the subsidy, you save $8._33. Meanwhile, T-Mobile's has two tiers of plans. One gives you the subsidy, has a contract, and is $10 more a month. Thus: if you have the money up-front, buy your phone, save $240 in the cost of a plan over two years, and save yourself from a contract.

Consider the Motorola Cliq. As a user, it's a good phone.

Comment Re:Rouge students and some more insight (Score 1) 300

but they haven't even bothered to make sure that only leaf certificates can be issued.

Nope; the CA only signed a what you call a leaf certificate, but the constraint which determines whether a key can is a branch ("CA = true") or leaf ("CA = false") was part of the cert that they were able to change. See the last paragraph of section 5.1


Submission + - RIAA Opposes 'Fair Use' Bill

fishyfool writes: "Link to story There's a new bill in congress aimed at preserving our fair use rights. It should come as no surprise that the RIAA is against it. this quoted; "The Freedom and Innovation Revitalizing U.S. Entrepreneurship (FAIR USE) Act, introduced Tuesday by U.S. Representatives Rick Boucher, a Virginia Democrat, and John Doolittle, a California Republican, would allow customers to circumvent digital copy restrictions in six limited areas when copyright owners' business models are not threatened, Boucher said in a press release. So-called fair use doctrine allows customers of copyright works to make limited numbers of copies, particularly for reviews, news reporting, teaching and research. The bill would allow exemptions to the anticircumvention restrictions in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), passed by Congress in 1998. The bill is revamped from similar bills introduced in the last two sessions of Congress, Boucher said.""

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