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Comment you can improve what you can measure (Score 1) 134

"you can’t improve what you can’t measure"?

Huh?! Well, that doesn't preclude that you can improve what you can measure.

Yes, I believe that valuable insights can be gained from what you can measure. For example, if your data couldn't determine a success factor that is a valuable result in itself! The insight then is "there must be an unknown factor we have not included in our model".

What is the big deal? I also think that the unexpected can be found within a mainstream setting, it all but takes a glimpse of genius to discover it. Finding that genius recipe in the dark, without any previous experience is silly, ignorant and ill-informed. Think of the angry birds authors who had made about a hundred games before they hit gold. That was no luck. They had the experience. Systematizing that 'hovering feeling' experience into a mathematical model? Why not? It still takes genuine talent to make it fun and implement it well.

Comment How dare they? (Score 1) 233

When the US surpassed Europe - How dare they?
When the China surpasses US - How dare they?

Of course they dare. It is their 'obligation' to try. And if they win out big we won't hear about those embarrassing inbreds from Alabama and Kentucky discussing evolution any more. From what I have understood, Chinese are more pragmatic than any Bible reader, or?

Comment Re:and (Score 1) 36

was it running windows 8 ?

"was it running windows 8 ?"

Bad question. You are not allowed to defile people with disabilities, in most countries.

For me, running Wndows 8 equates you have some retardation. This is my understanding of it.

I may be wrong, but no-one has ever contested that with any medical proof.

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