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Comment Javascript Baby! (Score 2) 360

I am a bit shy of 50 and still love to code. I have done a lot of different things over the years. Mostly back end stuff, a lot of PHP.

A couple of years ago I jumped on the Javascript/AJAX wave. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT. Not because Javascript is the perfect language, but because the environment around it is evolving at a rapid pace and there is always something new and exciting to play with. It's hot and marketable now will be for years to come.

I dropped out of the job market about 4 years ago to try some solo gigs. That's when I had the time to really get into Javascript. I did a couple of gigs with Javascript and PHP. The last gig was pure Javascript. I was able to ignore the backend completely and just got to deal with webservices and JSON. The paradigm shifts has been very stimulating/energiziing.

I've been job searching for the past 2 months. Not crazy about the prospects of competing with the young new hotshots. Turned out not to be of problem. I just got hired to do PHP and Javascript and will be paid well to do it. The work will be challenging and exciting, and the company is a great place to work.

You could probably do the same thing. Learn something new and hot and combine it with your deep experience base and use the combination as a force multiplier.

Comment Re:Oh enough with the range whining (Score 1) 998

MythBusters 'proved' that motorcycles are not more 'green' than cars. They tested bikes from the 80's, 90's and 00's. In all cases the motorcycles produced more pollution than the cars. They only tested gas milage and pollution levels. They did not mention the manufacturing and recycling impact. Not sure if they used real 'science', but their methods made sense to me.

Comment What about a Roku and Plex? (Score 3, Interesting) 140

I have a Roku 2XS. It has a Plex client. I've run the Plex server on my Mac and on an Ubuntu box and in both cases this setup works just fine. I've streamed a handful of movies and TV shows and so far am very satisfied with the results. I have an older Linksys E1000 using stock firmware. I haven't even bothered to optimize my wifi network. With some QOS I might get higher quality streaming but I have an old SD TV so my standards are low. Will get an HDTV sometime this year and will want 720p or better so will probably upgrade the WLAN. When I had the Plex server running under Ubuntu it was running inside of a Proxmox VM. That worked really well. I'm rebuilding the Proxmox host now and will probably go back to that setup.

Comment Re:the usual (Score 1) 647

James Blish did some novelization of some of the TOS stuff. I really liked it way back when. Maybe hard to find these days.

Absolutely love Vinge's 'The Peace War'. Bought that on a whim in an airport once. Made me not want to deplane so I could finish it.

Comment Re:Reflections (Score 1) 960

Back when I worked as an intranet developer at a corporate gig I imaged the Windows hard drive and copied it up to a file share. The I installed Gentoo and did my own thing. Nobody from IT ever asked about my system. I never, ever asked for anybody to fix it. It worked better than the Windows machines (no thanks, I'll skip the McAfee and Norton crap) and I worked just as effectively (or more so) as the other devs. At that corp if you didn't bother IT they didn't bother you.

Comment Get your medical imaging in DICOM (Score 2) 197

For the last several years I've requested and received copies of all medical imaging data. for myself, my Mother and, my Father. In a couple of cases they mailed me a CD but in all others they gave me the disc before I left. Never any hassle, I just had to ask.

The data is in DICOM http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_Imaging_and_Communications_in_Medicine format. There are free viewers for Linux, Mac, and Windows.

I had a CT done of my head. Pretty cool to watch in 3D.

My Dad has a stint in his aorta. Watching the imaging of them testing it for leaks with radioactive contrast is wild.

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