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Comment Re:"Not Our Job" (Score 1) 1303

Let's say you put out a bid for a 250 page website to be built and I submit a quote of $2500 to create the site, stating that I will personally be doing all of the work. Would you come back to me and say "Sorry, your price is attractive but I've calculated that your effective wage is too low and your working conditions aren't up to my standards. In order to make a livable wage under decent working conditions, I propose that I pay you $25,000 instead."?

Comment Re:lasts for ages (Score 1) 254

As long as your role pays you for being accessible. The rates vary but should be between 10% to 20% of your hourly pay for the hours you're on call. For example, if you make $50/hour normally you should be getting at least $5/hour for being on call. Think of it like being a babysitter. Most times they just sit around and watch TV or do their homework or chat with their boyfriend. But it's the chance of there something going wrong that they're paid for. I hope you're getting paid for being around in case something goes wrong too.

Comment Re:What Does This Mean? (Score 2) 414

If you're off by nearly the width of a human hair, it's not a perfect circle now, is it? Sheesh.

You can navigate in a perfect circle, but when you reach the end of the perfect circle there will be a little left over because the number you were using for pi to calculate the circumference was off.

However, don't let me interrupt what must be a satisfying eye roll for you. I'm glad to see cowards on Slashdot have remained as polite as ever.

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