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Comment Re:What Does This Mean? (Score 2) 414

If you're off by nearly the width of a human hair, it's not a perfect circle now, is it? Sheesh.

You can navigate in a perfect circle, but when you reach the end of the perfect circle there will be a little left over because the number you were using for pi to calculate the circumference was off.

However, don't let me interrupt what must be a satisfying eye roll for you. I'm glad to see cowards on Slashdot have remained as polite as ever.

Comment and you use Slashdot (Score 1) 214

Anyone know if it's possible to do this for Slashdot? Every single post read, every login, every IP address, perhaps supposedly anonymous posts, every moderation, etc. And with Slashdot, there isn't the ability to even delete anything. The only saving grace is that most people don't attach their real names to their accounts.

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