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Comment Re:I admit, I was wrong ! (Score 1) 276

All those things were public services which would have increased the state (which is popular for conservatives to not do anyway), granted he got rid of them, but wasn't that because the state of the government's budget was the priority and they were not popular anyway (plus this was at the beginning of their government)? But this is different as it involves the Americans and that's probably enough since this government has always towed the line with regard to US interests.

Also our justice system didn't have a problem with O'Dwyer. I'm confused.

Comment Re:Thanks to the FFII, EDRI, la Quadrature (Score 2) 142

Yeah well done Britain. God my country sucks.

You know I went to Germany last year (I wasn't in the capital either, I was in Bremen, a small city in the North), I saw people wearing those Guy Fawkes masks meeting up in public peacefully protesting. They actually care. I've never seen it here, we simply worship consumerism.

Even Bulgaria got in on the action, we are at the bottom of the scale for engaging in political issues as important as this.

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