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Comment Re:Wrong approach (Score 1) 171

So instead of spending the fortune on building a new handset/OS, they should have spent time and money developing a decent mobile management server, with associated mobile clients for android, iphone and MS kit ( with plugins for the various data sources; exchange, groupwise, ect... ).

They could have parleyed their reputation on to the entire mobile market for business handhelds, instead of floating a NEW hand held in an already contentious market.

They did.

Comment Re:share movement causality questionable (Score 2) 301

I had the same thought. Airliners aren't suddenly going to order A350s. They know the 787 problem will be worked out and new purchases are done years in advanced.

I think the challenge for Boeing will be when the next generation arrives, there may be slightly more reluctance to commit to purchases early in the lifecycle based on the experience of this airframe.

Comment Re:share movement causality questionable (Score 4, Interesting) 301

the 737 and lots of other planes have been grounded in the past. these are complex machines and its not a big deal to have initial problems

The last time the FAA grounded an entire commercial airframe was the DC10 in 1979, it is a very big deal. That said, I have no doubt Boeing will sort the problems and normal service will be resumed shortly.

Submission + - Boeing 787 Dreamliner grounded in US and EU (


Submission + - Super detailed RC British Centurion tank (

An anonymous reader writes: This is an awesome RC Centurion. This tank features a gas engine, read metal treads, is over four feet in length and weighs in at over 240 lbs! Price you ask? just around $6000 thats all.

Comment Re:Where was this art during the trial? And PJ's b (Score 1) 149

The judge prevented Samsung from entering all manner of evidence for the purpose of demonstrating prior art.

I'd argue that Samsung prevented Samsung from entering that evidence when they missed the filing deadline. To use an old meme, which part of the word deadline did you not understand?

Comment Re:Uh, nice try (Score 1) 670

Maybe it's a culture or geographical thing, but I've never worked at a company that counted sick days against PTO days. (Mostly internet companies with 500-ish employees in the Seattle area.)

The sick policy is always, "if you're sick stay home, if you're sick a lot you let's talk about it".

This is how it works in Europe, it does rather boggle the mind that there are parts of the first world that don't work this way.

Comment Re:Transoceans (Score 2) 238

1. BP does not stand for British Petroleum and hasn't since the late 90s when American Oil Company and British Petroleum merged to format BP AMOCO. The merged company later changed the name to BP, not short for anything.

2. More BP stock is owned by US companies and individuals than British.

BP is multinational, the HQ of the parent company might be in London but it's owned by Americans.

Comment Re:it's not really just storage (Score 1) 168

To me, that sounds like the same thing, euphemised.

Not really, in one IT sounds like a necessary evil barely tolerated by the noble salespeople and in the other they've part of the business working to the same goal as everyone else.

Treat IT as just a cost centre and you might as well just outsource to the cheapest provider because you're not getting full value from an internal team. The unique selling point of an internal team is quite simply 'we're on your side', and having worked both sides of that line anyone claiming an outsourced provider can say the same is naive at best.

Comment Re:it's not really just storage (Score 1) 168

IT should be there to offer training and provide guidance but in the end it's a support function, not a business driver. IT is there to support the sales staff, not school them or patronize them.

What a very 1980s view of IT. We work in partnership with the business to both deliver the expected value from existing services and to identify where additional business value can be gained from process changes. We're service driven rather than sales though, sales is something of a dirty word in my industry at the moment.

If IT believes that a business process is suboptimal and should be addressed, there is a chain of command for that; you prepare a nice spreadsheet with itemized expenses and you run that up the chain. If the person in charge determines that the waste is in fact unacceptable, he/she will initiate a change.

John Kotter would disagree with you, spreadsheets are a poor way to build a sense of urgency.

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