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Comment Re:Where was this art during the trial? And PJ's b (Score 1) 149

The judge prevented Samsung from entering all manner of evidence for the purpose of demonstrating prior art.

I'd argue that Samsung prevented Samsung from entering that evidence when they missed the filing deadline. To use an old meme, which part of the word deadline did you not understand?

Comment Re:Uh, nice try (Score 1) 670

Maybe it's a culture or geographical thing, but I've never worked at a company that counted sick days against PTO days. (Mostly internet companies with 500-ish employees in the Seattle area.)

The sick policy is always, "if you're sick stay home, if you're sick a lot you let's talk about it".

This is how it works in Europe, it does rather boggle the mind that there are parts of the first world that don't work this way.

Comment Re:Transoceans (Score 2) 238

1. BP does not stand for British Petroleum and hasn't since the late 90s when American Oil Company and British Petroleum merged to format BP AMOCO. The merged company later changed the name to BP, not short for anything.

2. More BP stock is owned by US companies and individuals than British.

BP is multinational, the HQ of the parent company might be in London but it's owned by Americans.

Comment Re:it's not really just storage (Score 1) 168

To me, that sounds like the same thing, euphemised.

Not really, in one IT sounds like a necessary evil barely tolerated by the noble salespeople and in the other they've part of the business working to the same goal as everyone else.

Treat IT as just a cost centre and you might as well just outsource to the cheapest provider because you're not getting full value from an internal team. The unique selling point of an internal team is quite simply 'we're on your side', and having worked both sides of that line anyone claiming an outsourced provider can say the same is naive at best.

Comment Re:it's not really just storage (Score 1) 168

IT should be there to offer training and provide guidance but in the end it's a support function, not a business driver. IT is there to support the sales staff, not school them or patronize them.

What a very 1980s view of IT. We work in partnership with the business to both deliver the expected value from existing services and to identify where additional business value can be gained from process changes. We're service driven rather than sales though, sales is something of a dirty word in my industry at the moment.

If IT believes that a business process is suboptimal and should be addressed, there is a chain of command for that; you prepare a nice spreadsheet with itemized expenses and you run that up the chain. If the person in charge determines that the waste is in fact unacceptable, he/she will initiate a change.

John Kotter would disagree with you, spreadsheets are a poor way to build a sense of urgency.

Comment Re:Do Not Want (Score 1) 376

> Simply use the net and get all the shows you want WHEN you want and with less commercials to boot.

Oh, really? And where, pray tell, is this magic IP-based virtual cable network that offers realtime IP feeds of the show that's literally running for the first time *right this second* -- as opposed to stuff that's either old (or at least non-realtime), low video quality, openly pirated, or some combination of the three?

BBC iPlayer. Ok, so it's only BBC channels but it's a start.

Comment Re:I just tried to do this on my Blackberrry (Score 1, Informative) 547

Times change. The Bard used to be Shakespeare for his humor and insightful lines about human nature - now Adams is the Bard for the same reason.

"The Bard" in that context is short for "The Bard of Avon" so no, it can't really be applied to someone else. I did a quick check just in case there was some social movement of which I was unaware and can find no reference to Douglas Adams as "The Bard" outside this thread.


Submission + - Intel talks Cloud Gaming (

An anonymous reader writes: Intel researcher Daniel Pohl (also known from projects like Wolfenstein Ray Traced) talked at the Cloud Gaming USA conference about three challenges in cloud gaming today. First cloud games are just the same as their PC and console versions and don't make use of a potential, more powerful cloud to enable more features and higher quality rendering. Second the topic of latency, not only regarding internet, but along the full way from user input to the screen is analyzed in detail. Last an outlook discusses the huge increase in screen resolutions over the next years and therefore the challenge regarding bandwidth and compute. Both slides and a video of the talk are available.

Submission + - Sir Patrick Stewart defeated by the cable company ( 1

whoever57 writes: While in his role portraying Jean-Luc Picard in the Star Trek series he was able to defeat opponents across the galaxy, but in real life he was defeated by a much more mundane foe — a foe that many here at /. are familiar with — the cable company. Venting his frustration via twitter, he tweeted that he had lost the will to live after attempting to get a new account with Time Warner Cable in New York City New York City.

Submission + - Google Chrome To Get 'Do Not Track' (

puddingebola writes: From the article, "Google Chrome soon will support Do Not Track (DNT), a Web browser privacy setting that lets users tell online advertising companies whether they want to receive tracking cookies used to target online ads. Support for DNT has been implemented in Chromium version 23.0.1266.0, as of build 156627. Google Chrome, which incorporates the open-source Chromium code, has yet to add DNT to its developer channel, however."
The Courts

Submission + - Zynga Sues EA For 'Anti-competitive' Practices (

An anonymous reader writes: In early August, Electronic Arts sued Zynga for allegedly copying EA's Sims Social game. Zynga has now launched a counterattack, suing EA for "anticompetitive and unlawful business practices, including legal threats and demands for no-hire agreements." The company also accuses EA of copying a Zynga game called YoVille. Zynga has also demanded a jury trial to settle EA's claims.

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