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Comment Re:Register story (Score 1) 746

For those who want a summary of some of the emails, go read
Where you can read that the person most responsible for the famous Hockey Stick graph discusses how to destroy a journal that has published skeptic papers.
Yes, it's a political thing that has corrupted the scientific process. Who would'a figured?

Comment Re:Hoax? (Score 1) 746

Forgetting for the moment that the recently hacked and released emails from one section of the warming folks illustrates the political nature of the "butcher's thumb on the scale"...

I believe the claim of "6deg of warming" is _STILL_ based on a projection of "runaway" conditions unrelated to mankind's emission increases.

I personally haven't gone in and checked these latest claims, but most claims above 3deg warming haven't stood up to serious challenges.
This is why they're seriously considered in the IPCC reports.

I seriously doubt the study linked to at the top of the thread has uncovered any new information or model that wasn't already considered by the IPCC for their AR4.

Comment Nobody Expects the Thunderstorm of Doom! (Score 1) 263

If you could assure your investors and insurers that you'd never be at risk for severe storm damage, I could see flying a kite at that altitude.
Once. You might keep it up there for three months, maybe six. And then a storm comes along with a change in wind direction that exceeds your tolerances, and you have wounded duck hurtling down to knock some heads. The conditions that would disrupt your kite and potentially bring it down would be the same conditions you would NOT allow an inflated balloon to be in, the only thing that would keep it from reaching terminal velocity.
You might be able to launch a balloon that runs above everything, to say 45,000', but I doubt the amount of lift that would provide -- perhaps someone can run the numbers.
You could call the first one launched "The Sword Of Damocles"!
NIMBY turns into NAMH (Not Above My Head)

Comment Re:Issac Asimov (Score 1) 451

Understanding Physics by Isaac Asimov. All three volumes.

Read the volumes along side being taught the course and you will not miss a trick. The only drawback is there are no images and when you first learn physics, it helps to visually grasp the topic.

Read the volumes without or before taking the course and you will raise your nerd quotient by 111%

Comment Re:Whatever, it's a great service (Score 1) 244

1: The commercials should be music based. "Lie To Me" does have that soundtrack for its commercials they've played on the FOX TV network. So this example fits.

2: The commercials should not repeat. If they do, they should not be identical in content. This is similar to running two different 15 second commercials on TV now.

3: Discretion is required. Commercials for Sham-Wow and their ilk are a deal breaker.

Comment We get to make predictions? Okay (Score 1) 134

Input devices and their software take a step forward. Specifically, improvement in voice recognition, and mouse gesturing/Wii controller applications. No killer ap implied here.

Free software expansion continues, as Intuit finds competition for Quicken in the home and small business marketplace from low cost/free alternatives.

Everyone waits for the hardware of cellphones to catch up to better software for phones, so a prediction here is for no huge leap for cellphone software. Windows Mobile 7 doesn't bowl over anyone. Jostling for position as to the #1 seller of phones isn't important because most of the software advances has to do with the phone/web interface, and the extra charges for web access is reaching its peak in many markets.

New rootkits for Windows, and separately, one for a select few versions of Linux.
Linux users will promptly declare that there's no such thing as a true rootkit for Linux and blame lax password procedures for their problems as well as lack of dates on Friday night.


Submission + - Copy Protection Backfires on Blu-ray

An anonymous reader writes: The first two Blu-ray releases to hit the market encrypted with BD+ (an extra layer of protection designed to stave off hackers) are wreaking havoc on innocent consumers. As High-Def Digest reports, this week's Blu-ray releases of 'Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer' and 'The Day After Tomorrow' won't play back at all on at least two Blu-ray players, while load times on other players (including the PS3) are delayed by up to two minutes.

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