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Comment Color screen? (Score 1) 199

Really? An ebook with a color screen just sounds soo useless. Color does not mean black and white, when reading long enough on a computer you start to see the rgb bleeding through off the white. I can't belive Asus is soo far off target with this.



OK. Maybe I wont be a bullrider.

But i'm still getting the hell out of here.

Last journal I was soo close to doing it. Leaving california but we backed out, we felt at the time the only way to feel comfortable moving is to buy a house there and at that time we just were not ready to buy a house.

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Journal Journal: mental note

Slashdot search bar is out of reach.
Google: | ]oo

hacked CSS job for ][t to be re/placed

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Journal Journal: I'll fly away 3

Some bright morning when this life is over, I'll fly away
To a land on God's celestial shore, I'll fly away

Living in california makes for some interesting challenges.

Can't buy a house, even if I could I dont really see the value except for what you could sell it to some other sucker for. Seems like eventually everyone would just wise up.

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Journal Journal: caught! 2

"what were you doing last night?"

umm, looking at porn.

"BULLSHIT! history isn't cleared you were playing that damn game wern't you?"

No no hun, I was making a slashdot journal entry so you could read whats on my mind.

"Whats on your mind then?"

irony meets recursion.

This is in the future, but by the time you read it. It will be the past.

"My head asplodes."

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Journal Journal: *gasp* close your buttcheeks! 1

Wife is sniffing, "did you fart?"
I replied, nope, I kinda sniffed but didn't smell anything funny. Under the table my 2 year old daughter said "no, I farted". Shocked by her response we asked, "why did you fart?" She got up out from under the table saying "butt, butt" my wife didn't really hear what she was saying until our daughter stood up, turned around and did the airport security pose, saying "from there". Funniest thing we have ever seen, and the stupidest thing to ever laugh at. Wh

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Journal Journal: Everything is wrong.

Everything you are doing is wrong.

If you had someone else to critique it from an outside source they could insight you with what would be the 10 other possible more proper ways to approach your situation. Anyone else who agree's with what you are doing is doing so only to justify their own actions. This is recursive to an infinite depth.

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Journal Journal: Need advice on these neighbors.

Long story short.
We used to pay $550 a month rent for a 3 bedroom home. In my area thats unbelivably cheap, its my mother in laws place. We really want to buy a house and could almost swing it if we had the %10 down. Although with the market at where its at I wouldn't buy a cemetary plot. So we want to buy but have no money and no place to buy at. We figure we start with step one, get money then see when the prices will become reasonable.

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Journal Journal: first the pope, then mitch now this.

Third watch is on its last shift.

I just hope they end it well.

chant with me everyone, "SPIN OFF! SPIN OFF! SPIN OFF!"

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Journal Journal: oh shit oh shit oh shit.

Mitch Hedberg.

God I hope this is a joke.

The forum I read this one had a list of his material, so i'll put it here.

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Journal Journal: Guild wars has started.

Being pacific coast... I could be considered cheating... I am starting to play guild wars 2 hours ahead of schedule...

In return I invited to a gmail account!
Hope he likes it!

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