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Comment Re:Corporate culture (Score 1) 883

There is such a car. It's totally electric, has heat and AC, and I ride it to work every day. It's called, fancifully enough, a "subway car". The best part is, I don't even need to drive it! I get chauffeured!

(I'm being a bit snarky here, but "moving away from cars" does not have to mean "moving into a different car". Public transit scales very well, even in places without insane population densities.)

Comment Re:no soup! (Score 1) 658

Repetition does not make this true. Tax cuts primarily aid those who are making a significant amount of money-- precisely the people who are most likely to drive the extra money directly into savings. Tax cuts do nothing to aid the unemployed or underemployed. They also do not impose any structure on the shape of the recovery. Even if you're lucky, you end up with the exact same mess you started with.

It makes far more sense to focus on spending on infrastructure and education than to cut taxes. I'm not interested in repeating the hollow boom six months from now. I'm interested in having a stable economy, and country, five years from now.


Submission + - Open-source early literacy materials pick up steam

phooky writes: Although open teaching materials have been available at the university level for a while now, there have been very few materials for younger learners. That's beginning to change now with the advent of Free-Reading, a free, wiki-based resource for early literacy instruction. The availability of free materials could free up millions of dollars from school budgets for more teachers and training.

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