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Comment I watched dalas buyers club.. spoilers (Score 1) 8

it fits in to conspiracy, but it is truth.













aids is discovered, blown off as 'gay disease'
smoking, drinking guy is told he has hiv which causes aids and has 30 days to live.
not willing to go, he spends a day researching and discovers a 'new' drug for hiv, which was formerly a cancer cure, but failed in trials. he can't get it legally, so he has a guy steal the pills for him, when they start locking the pills up guy goes to mexico, where a doctor refuses to give him the drug as it is 'too toxic for human consumption' but proceeds to treat him until he feels better.
the doc hooks him up with 'natural' treatments for improving immune health. then the guy convinces doc to let him sell the stuff, even though it is illegal to sell 'cures' that aren't 'government approved' the cure is mostly vitamins, and known immune boosting meds. so, the guy has smuggled in cures but gets inspected and said most of it is vitamins, he cons his way back. word gets around and many people with aids come for his cure, as the trend grows there are problems with the law, but they then become a 'buyers club' $400 to 'get in' and they can take a supply of meds which costs nothing. they begin trying other promising anti hiv meds as well, as they grow, they run into trouble and have to change location and finally they get their day in court and judge agrees he breaks no laws by taking non approved meds, because he is a 'terminally ill' person. after 12 years or so (i forgot the exact) he dies of aids, when the initial doc only gave him 30 days to live.
a side note the 'toxic' cure is pushed through trials and it is clear they are behind trying to shut the buyers club down, and there is a confrontation about the right way to treat people, 'with a dangerous pill from a company that has spent millions and is not caring if people get better or not, and that the govt only cares about the palms the company greased when it was found too toxic to cure cancer.

Comment Re:No plugin or account necessary (Score 1) 8

thanks, i was trying to find the words for a one paragraph summary of the first two of four episodes. not my own stance but rather what portrayed in the video, sorry should have mentioned that. i know people aren't fundamentally evil, i have watched several little ones grow up, and the younger they are the less evil they appear, people in general have a wide variance of evil but all evil was 'learned' behaviors. i myself struggle with evil, but the less evil thoughts i have the less unhappy i am in life. i for a long time just did whatever, and mostly it was 'waste time' and be emo. at the time i kinda worked to have high karma posts on slashdot, as if that made me happy.

Comment Re:No plugin or account necessary (Score 1) 8

saw first two episodes. basically humans are fundamentally evil, the more stress a person has the more evil they become. our leaders and corporations are both fundamentally evil, and the more people conform to the ideals of their leaders the more evil people are. people trying to remove the evil from people are misguided, and can only prolong life or have superficial, temporary effects. also while medicines can do some things, erasing memories is highly dangerous and doesn't remove evil from people.

the below is tangential to the argument, but is not covered in the video files, it is from my 2-3 year struggle in hospitals and group homes,

having gone through schizophrenia, i can clearly tell you that some of the meds work great. put they again don't remove the evil from the hearts of men either, and our current society becoming a 'good consumer' is the goal of programs to 'fix' mentally ill people. freedom as long as it is to make the rich more money sigh.

Comment i think dems will have a better canidate though (Score 1) 35

as much as i would like to see hillary in the oval office, i think another dem will win the primaries. as for the republicans who is gonna vote for those pricks anyways. making it so women and the poor can't vote. you can no longer vote if you ever have changed your last name without certified proof of every marriage, divorce, and your birth. while men only need proof of being born to vote. and then proof of citizen status if not born in the usa.
this is an unfair precident to take away the right to vote from women and the poor. and it's happening in EVERY state with a republican govenor. well at least in wisconsin. i haven't verified if it's everyone or just swing states that got this treatment for the problem of poor people and women who vote, for democrats.

Comment Re:Physical Stores (Score 3, Insightful) 323

I can walk into a physical store 2 miles from my house, drop 5 bucks for a movie, and if I bring it back within 24 hrs, I get 4 bucks back.
Why can't I just pay $1 /movie to stream any video I want whenever I want?

Well if the movie studios had their way, you wouldn't be able to rent movies cheaply on disc either. They have no interest in customer satisfaction, convenience, or affordability.

Comment Re:So what happens when there are no more jobs? (Score 1) 870

okay a primer here, all money is a debt. from the lowly penny to a 100 trillion dollar bill from Zimbabwe. right now about 90% of all wealth is stored in computers, which are just well backed up data files. when people don't have enough money they turn to debt. the greater the need the more debt. which is ironic, since all money is debt, but i am getting sidetracked people like money which is a promissory note that the government will force other people to give you what you want in exchange for essentially worthless paper, in Zimbabwe the government was issuing a lot of money that they couldn't force anyone to accept.

as for people paying for goods well, what is it like right now? people get money to buy cars, houses, boats, travel, etc. and the banks use a magic formula for borrowing to people who will spend decades struggling to pay bills over people who have the money to do stuff, which are in a class of their own and most of those people's money is in the various stock markets, bonds etc, anything to make an elite class who fight to have money without having to work for it. i didn't budget and i 'have a taste' for credit cards, until i bankrupted. i won't repeat my life story here but i just paid off one of my credit cards, and the other one is under $1,000 yes they gave me credit cards right out of bankruptcy if you don't get one then they lower your rating. so really, will people still buy goods if they can get credit lines, but not jobs to repay those debts?

automation is a classic con for how we are gonna get rid of people earning debt in exchange for honest work. thing is, most of the people in my circles want their dollars to be in exchange for honest real work, supporting honest hard working folks. h&r block is the number one temporary work company more so than anyone else. h&r block uses some computers to have less back office people, but they still have their tax workers who provide people with a 'human' to deal with them. some in my circles refuses to enter any key-presses to automated telephone service lines they shout 'human' 'operator' etc and refuse to use a machine where a human being can do the work better in their mind. automation is the cry of a lonely twisted would be dictator. and it has been since the empire state building was built.

Comment Re:Mod parent up! (Score 1) 281

in the corporate federation of America, college loans are government guaranteed but the debt themselves can never be bankrupted on and can be garnished with a few small exceptions. but it doesn't worry the rich, because they have millions of dollars and their kids only go to elite schools and if they have student loans it is because of their parents plan to not give them a free ride.
and in the corporate federation of America as long as the rich are safe and sound there is no reason to worry.

Comment Re:Sour grapes (Score 0) 381

the thing is anti copyright works for the small artist as well. there are thousands of 'youtube channels' where people get real money for doing youtube content, and google doesn't charge them a dime, but does have a license agreement. google dabbled in a crowd sourced tv channel (it might still be around not sure though)
with all we do over the web, why should dinosaurs who refuse to adapt from 'contracts' that give all the profit to copyright holders forever while the artist gets a few perks and a tiny amount of the profit. the system is broken copyright was 10 years originally and that was before computers, and yet publishers thrived, and e-publishing is almost a no brainer with writers using $200-$300 devices to do all their writing and the publisher should be able to make ebooks from that for less cost than real published books. and while ebooks are doing okay, they often sell higher than used books...
in a fair world there would be no copyright holders there would be artists and tip jars/royalties from distributors who do things like custom swag and custom cd-r or dvd+--r audio and royalties from corporations but not from individuals and while it sounds scary to the old guard people who actually create content would see massive profits if people actually used them. the record labels were against radio until copyright made it so they could charge radio stations huge fees. and now that anyone can download a movie and put it on removable media. with terrabyte hdds for $70 and dvd-recorders for $20 and dvd blanks for $6 for 25 discs home/indy distribution has never been cheaper... and make no mistake, the tools to create and edit content have never been cheaper or better than they are now, especially with many tools available as foss.
we don't need middlemen anymore and it scares them so they have pushed for internet radio and streaming as an 'alternative' to piracy, to take away ownership. and they won't stop there. smartphones are amazing, but people pay more fees for phones than before. they are meant as streaming devices with apis and apps unable it seems to even load a directory on a sd micro chip and build a playlist 'without syncing' and forcing it all over usb... i have a chinese tablet that can auto 'bless' a folder as long as it is the sd/tf drive but none of the android players i've seen are capable of auto detecting and 'blessing' a folder as a feature on my smartphone. so i have to 'sync' the phone to get music to play on it, and the phone has a crap usb chip that makes my 17gb music folder 6 hours to 'sync' when i can add a folder to the sd micro and it takes 30 minutes to copy to that and then no worry about useless DRM that route who can say with 'syncing' that they aren't adding drm to un drmed files as part of 'syncing' the music.

Comment Re:Good luck getting a permit to use it (Score 1) 126

the whole point of the toilet is that it gets rid of waste with 0 water usage. in many regions water is scarce and what little there is is used for drinking water. this is not a kit for people with septic or city sewer, as their water usage is predicted already, with logistics.

as for off the grid living you can blame congress for that. they passed laws so that 99% of the population has to be on grid and with telephone service... as a 'basic' human right. at least that was their logic when they passed the laws.

Comment Re:size? (Score 1) 94

you seem to be under the impression that space is a hard vacuum it is not, modern observatories including space ones have hinted that there is a lot of space dust that hasn't coalesced into larger bodies. there are a lot of small, medium, and large space debris in the way. without a force shield even if the warp drive disintegrates the small stuff a pool ball sized debris is going to be rather like an atomic blast no force shield no ftl travel. and if people are going onboard they are going to have to do something that hasn't been done in a long time, have a stable pool of healthy reproducing children unless of course we simply use robots up until we 'seed' planets with cloned human beings.

given the age of the universe as measured by xray telescopes it is quite unlikely that life didn't evolve long before humans came around, and that those beings could have developed technology to seed the universe and had their planets freeze up or burn up. as the galactic habitable zone shifted through the years.

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