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Comment Connexions (Score 1) 95

Connexions ( is a project for open source book material that is designed to enable teachers to "mix & match" books that are then printed on demand. There are 2336 hits for "computer" in the catalog. No idea if any of that is useful to you. There is also content on "open source in education":

Comment Greater GPL (Score 1) 258

This very issue (the soon-to-be-reality of computer systems that can and do claim copyright on their output) is why I called on the authors of GPL v3 to include provision for a "Greater GPL". They summarily dismissed the proposal and said such application of copyright is impossible. They were and are quite wrong about that.

Comment Sun folks often have no clue about Java (Score 2, Insightful) 186

Whatever Phipps' experience (of which I have no knowledge), he clearly doesn't comprehend Java security. The whole key to safe code in networked environments is the use of security policies. That includes, in addition to "fine grained" access control over OS operations, the ability to restrict access to classes in the classloader mechanism. This is the same stuff that happens whether you're doing applets in a web browser or a servlet in a web application container (including Sun's Glassfish).

Comment Be afraid, very afraid (Score 1) 508

Your ideas are being stolen. Not only don't tell anyone what they are, don't even think about them. Hidden in the walls of your dorm are dream snatchers which are recording and patenting every thought you have. Don't think this is a joke or you will regret not taking this extremely important advice.

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