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Comment Re:politics and scientific riggor are antithetical (Score 1) 167

No, they are not antithetical at all. There is nothing stopping from a scientist who tries to build a model of the real world can't run for office and be a politician. There are certainly scientifically minded people in our government right now.

I think the issue is more that the type who is attracted to power tend not to be the scientist type. They are more the sociopath type that believes they are better than everyone else and whatever view they have is superior.

Comment Re:Restore science to it's rightful place (Score 1) 167

Actually, Obama has done a lot for science and is a great supported of science. One of his science cabinet members came and spoke at my company and it really illustrated a lot of the funding and effort in to funding and supporting science.

I think you also don't understand politics if you think he can wave his hands and fix the problem. You would need Republicans to support the idea of science as well. And since they pander to a base that believes in zombie Jesus over climate change...just isn't going to happen any time soon.

Comment Re:A Question of Fields (Score 1) 167

You don't understand what a scientist is because there are still plenty out there and you don't need a degree.

To be a scientist, you need to conduct your research using the scientific method. Your research should be validated through peer review. If you research stands up, then it stands up. So that case, Hawking's viewpoint will be equivalent or better from a nuclear physicist because his research has passed peer review.

Comment Re:A quote (Score 1) 167

No, the term intellectual is only a label to people who lack the education and understanding to know what an intellectual is.

You can tell the difference between the two very easily. One use facts and research to back up what they are saying. The other ones manipulate facts to say something that fits in with their agenda, but if you put any small amount of scrutiny on them, the facts just don't hold up.

The anti-intellectual movement are the people who don't trust you because you have a higher education. Because you have researched more on a certain subject, you are not to be trusted. It is ridiculous but that is where the country is at.

Comment Re:A quote (Score 1) 167

Or you mean, people who know nothing about the second amendment try to use it to defend their right to own any type of weapon they want.

Or the idea that when people are shot, there should be more guns in that situation.

Or that we need guns to protect ourselves from the NWO.

Sorry, I am on the side of the people who use the term "clip" incorrectly over people ranting that the government is out to take their guns.

Comment Re:What do scientists know about politics?` (Score 1) 167

Everyone should be scientists.

I don't mean getting a degree, I mean that they are always trying to understand the world around them and pursue factual information. So anyone can be a scientist. We need to remove the people who make decisions based on their gut or ideology. These are the ones that are the problem because they stopped caring about learning and improving. They just want to impose their view of the world on everyone else.

Comment Re:Thanks to the jokesters (Score 1, Interesting) 337

I think the problem is that any answer they come up with that disagrees with your own will be considered "bullshit".

Perfect example is the pro-legalization crowd. This has never been something Obama was interested in pursuing. Yeah, I think it is dumb and illogical to waste money on putting people in jail instead of taxing and regulating it just as much as the next guy. The political reality is that it isn't there yet at a national level. So keep fighting in the states, as enough states change, so will the country.

Additionally, even if Obama would 100% agree with the petition, he is dealing with Republicans who would vote no against a bill that made it illegal to shoot kittens.

Comment Re:So? (Score 1) 202

I have to say "so?" to your post as well. Darts is about accuracy, not probability. If you want to make Scrabble as fair as possible, you will need to adjust the probability as you adjust the allowable dictionary.

For example, if you changed a dart board so that the area of the place that doubles your points is smaller than the area where you can triple your points, then you probably want to adjust the points to come in line with that.

So as rules for a game change, considerations should be made for how you score as well.

Comment They aren't thinking this through (Score 1) 202

This is a way for them to get everyone to re-buy scrabble. Now you have scrabble for each region. U.S.A scrabble, French scrabble, etc.

Beyond that, you can conduct this analysis every few years...so you can have U.S.A. scrabble 2013 and sell more editions.

Whoever is in control of these companies should be fired and bring me on.

Comment Re:FUCK THE GUN-GRABBERS (Score 0) 202

Hilarious how this is modded up. Shows the insanity of people on this site.

I can think of nothing more touching and meaningful than commemorating a child's death by going out and buying the weapon that killed him/her.

You guys are exactly the type that need mental health exams monthly.

Comment Re:Try government (Score 1) 506

You are listing people, not governments. And a lot of those murders were more external to their countries rather than internal (with obvious exceptions).

Additionally, you are not considering how the religion of the person/government plays in to the murdering.

And no, that is not what the second amendment is about...that is just ridiculous.

Our founding fathers sat down and said...hey, you know what we should do, we should make sure every citizen has a gun so that if we piss them off, they can come kill us, yeah!

No, it is in regards to well regulated state militias...not to overthrow the government, but to protect slave owners in the south in the case of an uprising.

You guys pervert the Constitution as much as religious people pervert the Bible.

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