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Comment MOD PARENT UP!!!! (Score 1) 589

This is an incredibly important point.

I worked for a few years in missile defense, and one of the big algorithms was determining *where* the inbounds were going to hit. If they were just going to splash, or hit something of no value*, we didn't bother scheduling an interceptor for them.

* "no value" is a subjective term, determined by the higher-ups.

Comment Hi, Story Poster here... (Score 1) 246

I thought I'd be a bit more specific ....

My wife has ALS, and cannot use her hands, and has difficulty speaking. She uses a Tobii C15 with EyeGaze for speaking. Her computer also allows her to use it as a phone for voice (the voice output can be routed through the internal SIM) and SMS.

I appreciate all the thoughtful suggestions. Coverage is not an issue for me, as I live in Los Angeles. I may go with the T-Mobile $15 unlimited text thing. However I am reconsidering some stuff... because it's very slow for her to type with her eyes, I may need unlimited voice minutes as well, in which case, I might be better off with just a regular unimited voice/text plan.

Maybe I should start with the $15 plan, and change it if necessary.

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