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Comment Re:Stereolithography has some caveats (Score 3, Informative) 59

It's been over 20 years since I worked in a rapid prototyping shop. That's exactly what we did with most of the models. We made a latex mold and cast parts using various resins, typically polyurethane. The chemicals used in stereolithography, including the cleaning agents, were pretty nasty. I would not want that in my house. The urethane resin had to be degassed and the molds cured under pressure to prevent bubbling as the exothermic reaction took place. The commercial vacuum pumps, degassing chamber, compressors and pressure tanks were pretty expensive. Though that cost was nothing compared to the 3D Systems stereolithography machines. Those were upwards of USD500,000 and about USD80,000/yr in maintenance costs.

Comment Re:Why Not Every Other Day? (Score 1) 582

It is not hard to do at all. All addresses are classified by the postal service already as residential, commercial, etc. *Everyone* at a residential address that wants daily delivery should pay for daily residential delivery. The USPS should not subsidize someone's home-based business. Also, the business can always get the delivery point re-zoned and re-classified or get a PO box.

Comment What About Copyrights? (Score 1) 376

Now do the same analysis on copyright and the public domain. Trillions dollars of our public wealth has been sequestered by the corporate oligarchy. And they paid fractional cents on the dollar in "campaign donations". I'm fine with it if we tax the hell out of anything that doesn't go into the public domain after 17 years. You want to keep Mickey Mouse out of the public domain? Sure, just pay $1,000,000 the first year, doubled every year after that, and adjust the starting and ongoing amounts for inflation. At least we, the people, get something in return.

Comment WTF? (Score 1) 417

We've got car-sized rovers on Mars roaming around, taking pictures, drilling in rocks, relaying data back through a satellite in orbit around another planet and nothing new was invented to accomplish that?


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