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Comment One Word: Bing (Score 1) 742

If Microsoft really wanted me to stop distrusting them, they'd ask the user which search provider they'd like to use (or just choose a random one) rather than make Bing the default. Instead, they are using their position in the market -- again -- to limit choice and tilt the field to their advantage. If they didn't have the ability to make Bing the default, there is no way it would have the position that it does today. Microsoft still has a monopoly power on the desktop. And they continue to abuse that power. When forced to compete on equal footing, we get real competition. Some, like XBox, are successful; some, like their mobile platforms, are not.

Submission + - Another possible Voynich breakthrough, this time not by botanists

bmearns writes: Over the past few weeks we've been hearing a lot about a possible breakthrough in decoding the infamous Voynich manuscript, made by a team of botanists who suggested that the plants depicted in the manuscrit may have been from the New World and the mysterious writing could be a form of an Aztec language. But the latest development comes from linguist Stephen Bax, of Bedfordshire University, who believes he has identified some proper names (including of the constellation "Taurus") in the manuscript and is using these as a crib to begin deciphering the rest of the text, which he believes comes from the near east or Asia.

Comment Re:Maybe Oracle should focus on providing support. (Score 1) 142

Denial. Recognize it and you have reached the first stage of overcoming addiction.

Otherwise put up a well-reasoned rebuttal.

I've seen the effects of Solaris addiction on a company first hand. The result is little different than a drug addiction. It doesn't cost much at first, then you start having to devote more and more of the budget to support. Some companies resort to breaking the law to feed their addiction (which is what this article is about). The best engineers leave for greener pastures. The company is relegated to only hiring the second-tier developers and admins that are still willing to work on Solaris, knowing full well that the cream of the crop have moved on. The competitive edge is lost and the company is in an inexorable death spiral, with no one on board with the skill to turn it around.

Comment Re:Maybe Oracle should focus on providing support. (Score 1) 142

Oracle customers always get what they deserve. Solaris and SPARC have been dead for a long time. Oracle bought Sun for the same reason Compaq bought DEC back in the day: to bleed dry the customers who were stuck on a legacy platform with nowhere else to go. Oracle clearly recognized this when they bought Sun, but this is not something that they can say out loud and have the business model succeed.

Using Solaris is the IT equivalent of a crack addiction. It's just as irrational. And users always find a way to justify the addiction. (Rehab costs too much and takes too much time. It's not that bad. It's not affecting my bottom line. I can quit any time.)


Video $499 3-D Printer Drew Plenty of Attention at CES (Video) 155

3-D printing is far from new, but a $499 3-D printer is new enough to get a bunch of people to write about it, including someone whose headline read, CES 2014: Could 3D printing change the world? XYZPrinting, the company behind the da Vinci 1.0 printer, has some happy-looking executives in the wake of CES. They won an award, and their booth got lots of attention. This is what trade shows are all about for small and/or new companies. Now the XYZprinting people can go home and pump out some product -- assuming they got a lot of orders (and not just attention) at CES.

Comment Winning the Battle (Score 4, Interesting) 1098

I wonder if RMS realizes yet that by winning the battle (not making the GCC available for other tools to use) he has lost the war for GCC and ultimately GNU. There are great free software projects, such as Eclipse, KDevelop, and others, that could really use a decent C++ parser. But, if the architecture and license of a core component such as GCC is such that it cannot be used because of a philosophy that prevents the creation of good free software tools, then the battle is lost. If RMS, GNU and the GCC steering committee had reacted fast enough when the problem was apparent, then this could have been prevented. But I'm not sure that they see the real problem with their dogma yet.

Comment Re:Double bind (Score 1) 1431

I don't see anyone executing NSA officials, so I don't see how a gun would provide any guarantees about freedom or liberty, with respect to the NSA.

The "with respect to the NSA" can be left off and you've made my precise point. There is no discernible correlation between gun ownership and liberty.


Man Shot To Death For Texting During Movie 1431

An anonymous reader writes "The New York Times reports that an argument over texting ended in a cellphone user's death when a retired police officer in the audience shot him in a theater near Tampa, Florida on Monday. The report notes that 'cinema executives acknowledged during a trade conference last year that they debated whether to accommodate younger viewers by allowing text messages during some movies.'"

Comment Re:30 Hz (Score 1) 520

Sure, when you had scan lines -- electron beams illuminating phosphorous dots -- it was pretty horrible. Now it is just a number that tells you how quickly pixels can change on the display. Lag is a more important measure. And at 30FPS, you have at least a 33ms lag between a change occurring and it appearing on the screen. Gamers care about that. Most coders (game coders excepted) don't care.

Comment Re:Age and the constitution (Score 1) 934

You have the reasoning the wrong way around. The only reason that kids get sent to war is that they are stupid enough to go. QED. They really are too stupid to drink.

But really, you are barking up the wrong tree. You do not understand my viewpoint at all. I was responding to the poster who doesn't know or understand history and making fun of that stupidity as a reflection of kids of that age which, for whatever it is worth, has a small kernel of truth to it. And it is that truth that drove the increase in the drinking age in the U.S.

Personally I think that any sort of government limitations on drinking and drugs is wrong. Parents should bear full responsibility for their children's behavior up to the age of majority. And after that, everyone declared an adult should be able to make their own choices about inebriation.

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