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Comment Re:Good (Score 3, Insightful) 239

Your logic is broken. I presume neither party would like bin Laden, but I don't think that would make him a good nomination.

Granted, I could have elaborated more. But I assumed any reader would know what I meant.

Have you heard why people don't like her?

And how much of that was actually her? Or how much of it was her job as Solicitor General? It's a far cry from arguing the position of one's employer to actually holding one's own position on such matters.

Comment Re:Good (Score 5, Insightful) 239

It always sounds like a good choice when neither side is happy with the possibilities.

That's a refreshing bit for me right there. I'll admit that I don't follow politics much and don't really know anything about this person. But if neither dominant party thinks she's toeing the line enough then that's _exactly_ the kind of person I want on the Supreme Court.

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